My name is Farakhan Suleima. I am from a family of 5 and I live in Kibera. My sister was a student at Nairobits and that is how I came to learn about this program. The ICT Program has given me hope. I still have a lot to learn and hopefully make a difference in my community too. I play for Juventus Football Club in Kibera as a mid fielder. I attend the practice at 4pm after attending the morning class at SHOFCO Centre. I did not excel in my secondary examination as I expected but am glad I am engaged in a positive activity that would allow me reach my dream.
NairoBits Trust gives opportunity to youth like Suleima, to live a dignified life. The trust empowers youth between 15 to 24 years living in Nairobi's informal settlements.
The youth are trained on ICT multimedia, entrepreneurship and life skills and Sexual Reproductive Health. These skills expand their opportunities, enhances their capabilities and gives them a second chance to be the best.

Success Achieved

NairoBits has been able over the years to transform the lives of over 7,000 youth living in Informal settlements.
In 2013- 2015, 1,975 youth were trained on ICT multimedia, 22,057 people were reached through NairoBits online platform, 4,889 referrals were done through our community outreaches, 2,600 youth have been trained on comprehensive sexuality education.
70% of the trained youth have been linked to the job market.

Challenges Faced

ICT is a dynamic field, it is important to keep up with the speed in the market. This includes upgrading our computers, reviewing our curriculum to keep up with the growing demand of ICT practitioners.
Despite having 8 resource centres in the informal settlements, the rising number of youth interested in joining the program is overwhelming.

Lessons Learnt

Change is possible. If we invest in our youth today, the future generations will thrive and survive.

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