CV: At just 17, Dubai-born Simran Vedvyas is already proving to be role model for thousands of young people here in the UAE as a passionate environmentalist and social campaigner. As founder of the SynergY youth group, which works to promote sustainability, she engages with students across the UAE and India on topics like the environment, education and healthcare.
Simran, who has led over 60 successful youth engagement campaigns – including one which saw 3,000 trees planted at landfill sites across the UAE – has been recognized at home and abroad for her academic and humanitarian achievements.

Her story: Simran Vedvyas, reached out, influenced and benefitted thousands to serve humanity and environment beyond boundaries. An Indian by origin, she finds herself continuously self-motivated to ‘dreaming large and achieving big’. During her early life years, she has excelled by strong communication and leadership skills in challenging youth to adopt a more sustainable & peaceful lifestyle

Success Achieved

Always in search of new ideas and projects that can steer her towards innovative and global platforms. The Convoy to Feed is a program, led by her as Founder of SynergY, since past three years, has emotionally connected many youngsters to the pains that the less financially stable workforce have to go through during the hot summers in order to bring food to their tables at night and this program has distributed over 2000 food packets benefitting laborers.
The youngsters have planted nearly 3000 trees at various landfill sites in UAE.
She is honored with the legendary John Muir Youth Environmental Conservation Award USA, the admired Diana International Award UK, the esteemed 'Puruskar' National level India, Award being Paryavaranmitra Leader for change, shortlisted as Best Student, International Eco Hero award USA, first prize at Global Youth for Environment Forum by Samsung Engineering and Korea Green Foundation among many other global recognitions for contribution to the environment

Challenges Faced

Since I was 7 years of age, I have visited the Missionaries of Charity in India during my summer vacations. This place was founded under Mother Teresa and continues to thrive from the benevolence of donors each year. It has been a home for thousands of people faced with the harsh lives from conditions such as leprosy, blindness, cognitive dysfunction and so on. The first time I went there was an eye-opening experience and it was hard to imagine the life of a child who didn’t have a Barbie doll to play with. In the fairly recent years the visits have allowed me to be with the loving young souls that live there due to the unfortunate circumstances that they are challenged with. I spend time with them; play with them and each year I leave with a heavy heart but with a will to come back the next year.

Lessons Learnt

Both of these activities have taught me to be a grounded individual and to be engaged and conscious of the people around me at the best and worst times in my life. I was awarded with the Splash Heart of Gold Award in 2015 for my work in these two projects. I am a better individual because of the people I have met through these community service projects.

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Simran Vedvyas

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