An Honest Intention (AHI)

AHI, is a locally registered NGO in Kenya which seeks to improve the quality of education provided to children from slums and other underprivileged backgrounds.

We do this through a variety of ways, mostly through AHI projects and partnerships either with like-minded individuals or with organizations whose vision complements ours.

Some projects involve setting up income-generating projects, mentorship, volunteer teachers etc.


The main objective of the campaign is to improve the quality of education available to children in upper primary schools in the slum through setting up viable social and business ventures to supplement the school's regular budget.


Since AHI was founded, it has:
- Set up 4 businesses for various schools in the slum
- Directly sponsored 27 students through school
- Bought about 2000 text books and set up 2 libraries
- Brought in 24 exchange students on teaching trips from around the world.


Transforming schools in the slums into viable environments for thriving businesses which empowers the community economically and socially through skills development and business acumen.


The greatest impact of the campaign has been social and economic empowerment of the communities we support. By providing a steady source of income to supplement both the budget of the school as well as the mothers of the children we support who work in our businesses, we are able to empower them economically and socially and improve not just the quality of education, but the quality of life too.


- NGO paralysis. Most of the models of working NGOs rely heavily on donor funding as opposed to entrepreneurial activities. This often leads to mediocrity and laxity.
- Part time staff. It is difficult to hire people on a full time basis especially when you just set up the organization. Finding and keeping staff happy and motivated is a huge challenge.
- The age factor. Having set up the organization at such a young age and having a team of generally young people, sometimes attracted doubt from partners, sponsors etc on our capacity to deliver.


Never be afraid to learn, unlearn and relearn. Life is not static. This caused my model to change from pure NGO to social enterprise.

Passion over profit. It is possible to turn passion into profit but it is not possible to turn profit into passion. Get a team of people who are first motivated by the cause rather than the financial benefit.

Belief in oneself. There is nothing more powerful than an innate belief in oneself and a desire to achieve, Age is nothing but a number.