Yemeni Gathering for Peace Initiative

It was established in September 2015 due to the huge conflict and killing spreading all over the South and North of Yemen.

It's a group that includes Yemen youth, scientists, journalists, artists, students and politicians etc..

We worked hard to gather a huge number of people who are standing against war and conflicts in Yemen. We only focus on creating peace and how this initiative can reach out to all Yemenis to encourage them that the only solution is to love and respect each other in order to achieve the real meaning of peace.

The only individuals who want to join the initiative and the Facebook page are those against war and believers in peace.


- Spread love, respect and peace among Yemenis.
- Create a new generation who believe in peace.
- Respect all people's beliefs and stand against the war and conflicts in Yemen, using the media to reach out to many people.


- We have been able to reach out to many people in many countries like America, Djibouti, Malaysia, Sudan, and England.

- The campaign has positively affected lots of people and many have started advising others to believe in peace and try to respect and love each other.


We started a new idea where everybody holds a piece of paper with our hashtag written on it.

The hashtag is: I support peace among Yemenis.

Many people from lots of countries reacted positively and participated, and the hashtag started to reach more and more people, in order to give a sign to those who are fighting each other to stop the war.
Planning in the coming days and weeks will be to start some social activities to support peace in Yemen, like music concerts and cultural events.


- The number of members of our Facebook page is now close to 8000.
- Many have started to be peace advisers to advise their families and people about the importance of peace and respect.
- In the near future we are planing to host a Yemeni Gathering for Peace - the first Yemeni Party for Peace.


- Due to the huge percentage of uneducated Yemenis and Illiteracy, talking to them about peace took a lot of time to explain to them, because they didn't believe in it.
- The war in Yemen is shifting to become a religious conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims, so those two religion groups began to hat each other, causing real troubles for us to achieve our goals.
- The big issue and problem we are suffering from now is that both of the fighting groups in Yemen are accusing us of being neutral, because they think we are the weakest group and that we should decide which group we will side with, rather than having independence as individuals.

This January, 2016, they started a media campaign against us, including insulting us and using bad words. However, we continue to focus on peace and how peace can stop the war instead of hating and killing.


- Peace is a strong weapon to beat those who think they can kill us. Lots of people now believe in peace to solve as a means to solve problems.
- Working hard at our initiative will enable us to reach our goal to end the war.
- Working under huge pressure with people criticizing you, you shouldn't stop but keep going.

As Mandela says, if you want to make peace with your enemy, work with your enemy, then he becomes your partner. Only weapons are our enemies.




Sana'a and all Yemeni cities