Kafka Welfare Organization

An initiative was taken by Umair Asif which is called Kafka Welfare Organization.

It aims to build a gender sensitized, violence free, educated, healthy and peaceful society for young people of Pakistan. It aims to educate every girl and boys. It aims to end injustice and human rights violations.

It wants to make people feel better in health and mind.


- Counter extremism and violence
- Educate every children
- Create equal opportunities for girls
- Build capacity of youth and involve them in the policy making process, particularly the policies which affect them.
- Empower women and fight against violence against women


- From 2013, yearly youth peace summits were organized where 1000 young people were engaged and involved in policy making process. Interaction of youth with parliamentarians is increased.
- An education campaign was organized with the Department for International Development based Alif Ailaan education campaign. Through the campaign, policy dialogues were organized with youth, politicians, education department and media. A pressure group was formed to improve quality education and many decision were changed.
- To promote peace, photo walks, youth leadership training sessions, an online competition, dialogues and discussions were organized which numbered 25 in 2015.
- An innovative peace project was initiated with USAID Pakistan to counter extremism.
- A child marriage campaign was started under the initiative to support implementation of existing law.
- A sports for development program was started to provide youth leadership skills.


- Social Media tools like Facebook, a blog and Twitter were used to engage youth in positive discussion to counter intolerance.
- Art competitions were held at schools to promote peace
- SMS and Voice calls were used, with the voices of celebrities, to promote peace
- Online discussion platforms were created to minimize frustration of youth.
- Policy dialogues were initiated


- More than two hundred thousand youth were engaged and their capacity were enhanced
- Multiple media stories
- Actions were taken by politicians and relevant departments


- Convincing donors to provide funding
- Countering extremism and violence
- Dealing with cultural and religious barriers


Commitment, passion and handwork can change society.
With effective leadership skills you can bring change in the minds of members of society.