Peace for a New Generation

Organizing sports activities for youngsters.
Painting competition and sessions for youngsters to divert their mind from recent conflict in the area.
Awareness sessions for youngsters.
Awareness sessions for mothers.
Organizing peace walks and rallies to spread the message of peace.
Dissemination of IEC materials in conflict affected area to inflience the minds of parents and children positively.
Using social media and gaining local media support for spreading this message of peace.
Enhancing awareness of youngsters to prevent kidnapping, sexual abuse and street crimes.


This campaign works by diverting the minds of youngsters towards studies and sports instead of weapons, war and violence.
To create love with the pen instead of a weapon.
Building a peaceful society and ensuring sustainable peace in the region.
To make youngsters aware about sexual abuse and kidnapping, so that they may prevent themselves from being victims. It will reduce the ratio of sexual abuse and kidnapping.
To influence the mindset of children of militants who are living in this society.


Many sessions are organized in the conflict affected area, with the mothers, and fruitful discussion ensue and their interest in the campaign was worth seeing.

A positive impact has been seen on the region on raising the voice of peace. In the targeted area most of the vulnerable children are brain washed.

Due to our campaign the provincial govt banned toy guns in the local markets. I think it’s a big achievement.


During the campaign we celebrated Peace Day and organized rallies, peace walks and spread the message.

During all the activities we took the media team along with us, so that our voice may be heard in far-flung areas and also in the parliament of decision makers.

We also addressed the UN to stop war in the world, no matter the cost. Finish the conflict and stop war in the world.


Our voice was heard in the provincial assembly and toy weapons and guns were banned immediately.

In the conflict affected area the sustainability of peace is ensured by influencing the children of militants.

Such children are involved in painting activities and sports activities which will show its impact in the coming days.
Although the impact of the campaign is slow it will have far reaching results and will play a vital role in the development of a sustainable and peaceful society.


Lack of resources.
No cooperation from government side and security agencies.
Team Management .
Social constraints.


The main lessons learnt from our experience are:

- We should not organize any activity without prior approval from district administration.
- Timely documentation of every activity is the need of successful project.
- Snaps to be taken with quality camera with all the requirements.
- Unplanned activities often end in failure.
- Before launching an activity/ event everyone should be well prepared and there should be proper coordination among the team.




Mingora, Swat