Climate Change Resilience

Educating farmers from Community Based Organizations about climate change, which is not a common topic for most organization within these communities. Through this, farmers were given a module on some climate change eventualities.

Through the campaign, natural phenomenons that had been interpreted culturally (with no possible solution) are now being observed as natural. Through this recognition that science is necessary farmers are now seeking solutions to their problem.

Also, the campaign has instigated the farmers to look at ways to extend the training into the interior of the hinterland.

Through the partnership that was developed for the success of the training, the partners have agreed to support the farmers with the necessary training, farming techniques and trees for farmers who would like to plant trees on their farms.

The farmers have equally created a farmers' network through which they share their opinions.


- To sensitize and create awareness on climate change and conservation
- To identify and promote adaptive strategies (climate smart agriculture) to climate change
- To encourage eco-friendly activities


- A tree nursery has been established
- Farmers are using more resistant seeds
- Farmers who were hunters are now potters and guiding tours to Mount Cameroon National Park
- Farmers Climate Change Net Work was established
- Trainees are training other members of their organization and community members


- The conventional ways of interpreting climate change impacts have changed
- Trainees are willing to assist in educating their fellow colleagues because they now understand their situation
- The training will be extended to over 38 different farming communities living withing the Mount Cameroon Region


There is a vast mentality change in the way that the farmers perceived climate change and farmers are seeking for adaptive strategies while partners have equally been introduced to farmers' concerns.


- Insufficient finance
- Inadequate training materials
- Time constraints


- Future campaigns will require a lot of preparation (resource mobilization)
- To increase the time frame for the training
- To look for donors in related field