Food for All Ghana campaign

This food recovery campaign has the aim of creating sustainable means of nutrition for vulnerable children, the aged, mentally challenged and orphanages by recovering surplus food along the supply chain to feed them. Elijah Amoo Addo's vision was to build West Africa's first food bank in Ghana and he went as far as attempting a Guinness World Record on the UN World Food Day for the longest table to raise funds in achieving his dream.Through the campaign,he has recovered food at times to feed over 25,000 vulnerable people and has save about 350 street children by taking them back into orphanages and providing them with a regular supply of food.He used a campaign song by his goodwill Ambassador to create more awareness.


- To build West Africa's first food bank in Ghana
- To create a sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Africa.
- To become a global emergency food rescue organization that will become a leader in Africa’s food supply efforts for the poor and hungry.
- To create a sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society through food recovery and ensuring efficiency in our food supply chain.


Through tailor made programs that occur daily and weekly and also on international days such as World Environment Day and UN World Food Day.
Also using social media and national media.


Systemic changes towards the recovery of food to feed the vulnerable.
Eradicating streetism by taking children who run away from orphanages due to unavailability of food back and supplying them with food.


Recovering food that would have gone wasted to feed 25,000+ vulnerable in society.
Reducing food wastage and hunger in Ghana.


Stakeholders understanding food recovery and it's impact on society's development.
Minimal or delay in government support.
Lack of storage facilities and transportation of food.


To implement a nationwide stakeholders forum to collectively address food wastage and food recovery in order to recover more food.