Protect Ozone

The campaign has being led in 6 communities in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, which has brought together 1,784 persons. The project is about the use of waste materials (used / damaged vehicle tyres) to produce economically viable produce (vegetables) and protect the ozone layer, systematically. The innovation was born out of the fact that used vehicle tyres cause a lot of menace in Nigeria and other parts of Africa that I have visited. Tyres are commonly left burning on the road when vehicles break down or are used for burning refuse/dirt, for dangerous games by children, and they obstruct drains, creating litter on the streets. They also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes.These reasons and many more made me see that I needed to get the tyres off the roads and streets and find a more productive and economic use. This was achieved through training, advocacy, peer education, awareness raising, resource development and an increase in knowledge of civic responsibilities


1. To discourage burning of damaged vehicle tyres.
2. To create alternative ways of reusing damaged tyres for viable economic purpose.
3. To include children in community development projects.


We harness damaged tyres from the streets, drains, markets and everywhere we find them, after which the top of the tyres are cut and one end is sealed with“used poultry feed sacks and sticks. After sealing, it is loaded with good loamy soil, dead leaves are added as fertilizer and then they are left for a week to decompose, after which vegetables are planted inside.
The children are happy doing this despite the little income they get from it because they are very excited to see their gardens grow.

1. I employed local content for this initiative, that is, all the materials used for the garden were sourced from the communities.
2. It is mobile because when the rain or sun is in excess, you can move it to a better location

Due to the nature of the project, I decided to involve the children because of:
1. Their numbers
2. Their excitement and enthusiasm – not seeing themselves as too big for picking up used tyres to work on them
3. Their openness to learning


The Mobile Kitchen Garden


1. Ozone Layer Protection: the communities are now aware of how little they need to do to contribute towards protecting the Ozone.
2. Fight hunger: The gardens provide vegetables for the household and also for sale.
3. Alleviate poverty:Some income is being generated
4. Reuse waste materials: Communities are also aware that these wastes should not be burnt but reused.
5. Promote child’s inclusion in community development: It helps children to becoming Active Citizens.


1. Many parents failed to release their children to participate because they see it as a dirty approach.
2. Where these damaged tyres are found, people wanted rewards before they allow us use these tyres.
3. Distance of the team members is really posing a big challenge.


1. Communities pollutes their own environment because they are not aware.
2. Children should not be neglected in carrying out community development projects. They were not the focus in this project, but they turned out to be the vision carriers.