Community Development Service Projects

As a Corps Member deployed to Delta State to serve her country, during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Mercy Mma Agbagha observed and identified the dire needs of the community. Unlike other corps members, she embarked on personal Community Development Service projects in Sapele Community, Delta State Nigeria.
She achieved the following;
** Established a standard school Library in Ethiope Mixed Secondary School, Sapele (renovated the building; equipped it with furniture and other facilities; catalogued, and classified books; etc).
** Distributed school materials like school sandals, socks, exercise books, pencils and story books etc. to Bishop Johnson Primary School pupils, Sapele.
** Sensitization of Female Students of Okpe Grammar School on "sex education and the dangers of premarital sex".
** Authored the manual "Use of Library for Nigerian Naval Engineering College".


The objectives of the campaign were:
1. To foster education
2. To inculcate and revive reading habits among students
3. To encourage hard work
4. To ensure that students/ pupils are provided with the prerequisite requirements for basic learning and essential materials for studying.
** To reduce social vices.
** To restructure the mindset of the girl child positively, to reduce teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and to produce eminent young girls.
** To relieve parents who cannot provide these requirements for their wards /children.


The projects were achieved by soliciting for support, donations and gifts. The Corps member wrote to Government agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, the private sector and individuals in the community. Some responded and some did not respond. The responses were in cash, gifts, donations like books, furniture etc.
These were channeled into the projects.
The Library project - there
were books and furniture - donations from individuals and private sectors (some libraries).


- Establishment of a standard school library with facilities
- Sensitization of Female Students
- Distribution of School materials like School Sandals, School Socks, exercise books, pencils, story books.
- Authored the manual "Use of Library for Nigerian Naval Engineering College"

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_Revival of reading habits.
_The library provided materials which support the academic programmes and curricula of the school. Both the teachers and students benefited.

_The Library project helped to reduce truancy, bullying and social vices as the students are busy, even in their spare time.
_The female students of Okpe Grammar School understood the dangers of premarital sex and the importance of education.
_ The distributed school materials relieved some parents, who could not provide these basic requirements for their wards/ children.
_ For the pupils, fine feathers make fine birds and new brooms sweep well.
_Covetousness, envy and pilfering were reduced during the exercise.
The newspaper coverage link.


"To whom much is given much is expected". And then what about to whom nothing is giving? Corps members in Nigeria are university graduates who leave their homes to serve their fatherland, being given an honorarium monthly by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
Basically, the biggest challenge is funding. Other challenges include, time, since a corps member cannot neglect the place of primary assignment while embarking on Community Development Service Projects. So combining the two is usually very hectic and stressful.


Experience is always the best teacher.