Climate Activism

Opio uses his writing talents to demand action on climate change throughout Africa. He provocatively engages by developing stories that stir concerns about global warming. Today, Opio's stories are published in over 8 countries in Africa, as well as internationally, from a single, humble June 2015 publication in his home country Uganda. Here, his articles continue to inspire people through Uganda's most read newspapers - New Vision and Daily Monitor.

In early 2015, Opio received a climate tracker award from international civil society group Adopt a Negotiator, having successfully engaged his home government in renewable energy discussions.

Uganda's Minister of Energy Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu, attended the climate change conference in Bonn, Germany. He recognized Opio's article: "Is Uganda ready for renewable energy revolution" as a matchless contribution to governmental understanding about the seriousness of global warming, saying "The youth are the pillars of future climate activism."


Opio's objectives were to virally bring about awareness of the urgency of global warming, and the damaging impacts of fossil fuels.

To wrap the African continent with news articles that stress the importance of action in terms of climate policies, such as the INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions), ahead of the Paris climate change conference, COP21.


Opio successfully published tens of related articles throughout Africa's major newspapers.

The most thrilling honor for him was his minister recognising his humble activism from Bonn galleries.

Opio published one exceptional piece in international media, in the New Delhi Times: "Bonn with Climate Vision" stressing the significance of Bonn negotiations as a build up for the ongoing (at the time of writing) Paris conference.


Following the wide coverage of Opio's works, one could easily think he must have spent a mammoth amount of time gaining a keen interest through social media, but it's rather the contrary.

His advocacy model, based on creating an inspirational cyber aura for climate discussions, is felt if one trails his viral paths, an innovation that has reduced the costs of his advocacy, not to mention that it would have been impossible without such a creative new platform for sharing information.


One article he wrote found it's way to a climate conference in Germany.
Additionally, Opio has garnered a reputation among his online comrades as a champion for climate activism, from Uganda.

As with every social media campaign, success can easily be measured by the number of likes of an article and shares...talking of which characterizes Opio's writings and campaigns.


Writing sometimes proves to be such a lonely endeavor that it requires one to adopt a highly personalized esteem to carry on. This is the biggest challenge for the 25-year-old youth, without a notable source of income or support for his call.
It should also be noted that Opio is neither a professional writer nor a journalist. But by the quality of his work, discernible in the fluency of his articles, one could think he's a professor of climate change. This he owes to salient research he made, his reading and an in-built passion to advocate for the environment.
One may find it hard to believe that Opio started his online advocacy with no personal computer. Today, this young man weaves through the streets with a laptop bag glued on his back. How he got there, must be due to the philosophy that when a man applies himself to something he will assuredly accomplish it, be it small or big.
There was a time all he needed was $300 for a laptop.


The biggest lesson Opio has learnt throughout his internet activism life is that climate change is the number one threat to human existence. "It has the potential to destroy 100 years of development in a blink of an eye" says a Harvard lecturer.
Moreover, his humble personality makes him a believer in the power of action and the voices of people, being an advocate for climate justice.