Medical education for national development

Dr Gbujie Daniel Chidubem is a young doctor that initiated a campaign that he took to youths and young doctors in Nigeria, who have been deprived of much.
The single-handed campaign is based on medical education as a basis to gain government’s attention on the ever important role that government should play in the provision and maintenance of an adequate health sector.
The campaign to bring about intellectual change, and a change of attitude, in government, has been canvassed by union leaders and activists within the medical profession, as a way of getting government to take younger doctors seriously.
This campaign highlights the importance of individual exceptionalism in leadership and the pursuit of medical educational, as basis to create the needed change in perception and to generate dialogue, where the issues are understood by government and the general public.


The objectives of the campaign are to bring to the consciousness of youths in Nigeria, that a person's current predicament should never limit the extent of one's progress in life.

An exceptional action of an individual can indeed reverberate all across society and create the needed change, both in attitude and actual changes, without recourse to violence or bloody protests and demonstrations.

The campaign aims to explore the option of encouraging individual hard work while creating a new perception through which a society can develop, by encouraging dialogue and individual exceptionalism in leadership and educational promotion or activism.


News media and newspaper publications are testament to the objective achieved. Young Nigerian doctors are, more than ever before, fully committed to speaking out for a better life, through the influence of this docto’s achievements.

Most importantly, the Nigerian government is now taking junior doctors, also called resident doctors, seriously. Dr Gbujie Daniel Chidubem is also the is the outgoing Secretary General of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD).


The main campaign innovations are:
1. Engagement of: international organizations such as the World Medical Association, through the Junior Doctors network; media organizations in Nigeria through the umbrella body of young doctors in Nigeria, who are undergoing post graduate medical training that will enable them to become specialists in the medical and dental profession.
2. The quality of exceptional leadership as a unionist, activist and academic intellectual has brought attention to the medical education program-in-residency and has greatly changed the perception of medical activists in the health sector in Nigeria.


The campaign impact is greatly felt in my community, where young ones are much more interested to work hard just to emulate the accomplishments of Dr Gbujie. He is a multiple award winner - in November he won the Nigerian Medical Association’s Young Achiever’s Award for 2015. Similarly he excelled at the 11th UNESCO International Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law, held in October 2015. Dr Gbujie emerged as one of best presenters, after his abstract was one of the 407 accepted out of the 2 000 submissions. He was also the first African to make a presentation before the commencement of the opening ceremony.


The biggest challenge of the Campaign was funding because its required to propagate the message especially across the nation, though through the NARD we were able to do the much we can but much more The biggest challenge was funding, which is required to propagate the message, especially across the nation, though through the NARD we were able to do much. With more funding much more could have been done, especially in the northern part of our country where the youths are involved in acts of violence. Security is also a challenge.


From his campaign, as a colleague I have learnt that one’s predicament or situation doesn't limit one’s prosperity. Through individual exceptionalism in academia and leadership, one can indeed transform a community or a nation.




Port Harcourt