Youth empowerment

The campaign has been done in Kisoro district, south western Uganda, targeting 60 youth and empowering them with knowledge and skills on how they can advocate for their rights and also start their own projects, from which they can generate income and shape sustainable development in their communities.


To create a platform where the youth can be empowered with skills to advocate for social change through participating in youth community dialogue sessions.


Youth were trained and educated about their rights. We trained them in life skills so they can become useful people in society, change their communities' mindset and that of their fellows. The youth acquired knowledge and skills on the capacity to advocate for their concerns and influence decision making through the participatory process. Medrine held community youth dialogues every month in different villages addressing youth concerns. Youth were trained to start their own projects as a way of sustaining themselves.


Youth were targeted in groups of 5-10 members. The campaign worked as a model in targeted communities.
Youth were able to participate in the campaign.


The campaign has made the community appreciate the importance of girls. This has changed the culture and traditional attitude about girls.
The campaign has also reduced crime rates in society as many school drop outs are absorbed by the project and start their own self-help projects to generate income and create a sustainable livelihood. The community has appreciated the initiation of the campaign, which has impacted their children positively as a clear source of income to support their families and other community members, through the starting of their own projects as a result of the campaign.


Overwhelming number of youth wanting to join the campaign.


The involvement of local leaders and other stakeholders at every stage of the campaign creates ownership of it, in a transparent manner, which makes work easier and leads to campaign sustainability.
Conducting continuous youth dialogues in communities helped to realize the results of the campaign.