The Youth Cave

#YouthPower is a campaign promoting effective youth socio-political inclusion in nation's development.


#YouthPower has the following objectives which include;
1. Helping young people to realize their role in society.
2. Building the capacity of young people on social, political and economic development.
3. Building bridges among youth organizations to discuss issues affecting young people.
4. Positioning young people as stakeholders in community development.


To achieve these objectives led to founding a youth development organization that has participated heavily in youth and community development. The organization's name is New Century Initiative, which has engaged in building the capacity of youth leaders in Enugu State. Obinna Collins conducted community advocacy and sensitization during the 2015 elections in Nigeria in order to enhance youth political participation. #YouthPower has led to the advocacy for youth policy ratification and implementation in Nigeria.
#YouthPower led to the launching of a youth online platform called "The Youth Cave," which has a major interest in mainstreaming and discussing identified social issues affecting young people.


#YouthPower aims to intensify the strength, and identify the role, of young people in society. It goes beyond the usual talk shows and social media engagement to deliberation, logically and constructively, on key issues, using the necessary facts and figure, including global trends.


The campaign so far is one of her key priorities and has ensured increased number of elective and appointive political positions in Nigeria. The campaign, through New Century Initiative, has sent a concept note to some donor agencies for them to support the need for the youth development bill and affirmative action. The campaign has also identified, and on several occasions tried to address, the issue of feminism, masculism and gender equality. The campaign, through partners, has sensitized young men on the need to support and play a key role in gender justice.


The biggest challenges have included:
1. Inconsistent volunteerism
2. Inadequate funding
3. Bad government policies
4. Lack of appreciation


To remain optimist and consistent can help in achieving a desired goal.