Protection and Promotion of Transgenders Rights in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The human rights situation is bad in Pakistan and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular. Transgender people are not even accepted as human beings in this area. Their rights are frequently violated. Transgender people are only used for sexual purposes by males in our male-dominated society, where women are mostly kept isolated in homes and have little or no freedom to move about freely. So with such stereotypes and in a backward society, transgender people have no right as such a concept doesn't exist here. Transgender people lead a very miserable life, making people happy by their dance but as for their own social, economical and cultural position, it is not worthy to be mentioned. There are dozens of issues that they face daily. Many of them are harassed by state operatives, such as the police and other law enforcement agencies, and the community as well. Many people in society consider them as infidels and when they die even funeral prayers are not observed


1. To protect transgender rights and win a respectable place for them in society.
2. To educate people to accept transgender rights.
3. Lobbying with government and law enforcement agencies to protect them and legislate for them to have rights without any discrimination.


1. Government realized they need to recognize the rights of transgender people.
2. Issues related to their computerized identity cards were resolved.
3. The supreme court ordered government to recognize transgender people as a separate gender.
4. Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was launched to protect the rights of transgender people.
5. People were educated about transgender rights.


This is the first time ever a campaign for transgender rights was launched in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Before launching this campaign the idea of transgender rights did not exist and had to be realized, as society and the state were not ready to recognize such people as complete human beings. In a sense this idea was very innovative and now appreciated thoroughly.


When we started working for transgender rights we were only a few people but today our number has increased to thousands and several NGOs like PCSN, Blue veins, SRD, PJYO, Help for Community, Tribal NGOs Consortium, CRSD, FATA Commission of Human Rights, and many more such as these, are today our members, who are fighting for transgenders rights. At the beginning there were few transgender people but now their number has increased to 2000.


Transgender rights are not widely accepted as human rights. Our society is very conservative, where fundamentalists and negative forces reign while positive and constructive people are few. Tolerance in society concerning transgender people does not exist. Even the media and the state are not supportive. The social, religious and political atmosphere is not conducive but still I continue to be a rights activist for winning and protecting transgender rights.


The challenge is to continue the fight for the rights of transgender rights. I have realized that a long journey has been started, with small steps, as the great leader Nelson Mandela said in his autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom. So nothing is impossible if you start with a conviction and commitment.