Idea: Beyond Boundaries

Hello! This is Sadman Shakib, from the world’s worst city, Dhaka.

I am a twenty-year-old dreamer, who firmly believe that an Idea can change the world. Ideas
have that power, the guts, to make the worlds more habitable.

Here, lying far from the madding crowd, I am typing about my Idea,
thinking, passion. And I believe that an Idea has the wings to fly.

Literally, my campaign is to spread my ideas as they deserve to be heard,
and let me assure you something, I don't have any office for this
campaign, my mind is the headquarter and brain is my boss...

Yes, you can ask me, what's my job actually?

I make public awareness, help the people, I stand for the truth, I talk against all sort of racism, women violence, I raise my true words among
people, and I have a great passion for love of wisdom, I love to call
myself a freelance thinker.

I don't have any faith in heaven or hell but I will stands for the human.

"Everything begins with an idea." - Earl Nightengale


I wish, in the year of 2050, there will be no children who are starving for food, technology will be
used for humankind, people understand that, the Syrian refugee or the
victim of the France, they have the same blood, there will be no radicalism, women violence and child abuse.

I know, this is quite impossible for me to change the world alone, and I guess, as we believe in truth, believe in mankind, we will work together
to make it true.


We have to stand for the truth, have to raise our voice against all odds, have to ensure the proper education for all.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the
world." -Nelson Mandela

And communication will the the important object which should be emphasis. The world is getting virtual day by day, just remember one thing, we all have at least one account in internet, maybe, it could be
Facebook, Twitter, email and lots of other social messenger, so, it would be easy for us to spread our message within the short span of time around
the whole world.

Perfect communication, raising consciousness among mass people, proper education, and belief in truth can make my vision true.


Every day, in the morning, when I awake from sleep, I tell myself:
Hey, Mr.Sadman Shakib!
Wake up, wake up, you have to work a lot, and for more than million times I remember that line-
''The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.''
-Robert Frost.

And i believe in these three words -
Imagination power
can makes the difference.


This campaign has just started, and you know, everything takes time .I thought to myself, imagination power, perseverance, and at least a
decade's working plan could make the difference. My campaign is still
young, and I work a lot to make this vision true.

Yes, I do agree that I don't have any academic degree and people don't care about my words, but let me assure you something, I am a damn
optimistic guy who want to change the world.

Couple of hours ago, around 12 am, I was going to a bazaar which is called 'polashi' to take some food.There, I found two kids were struggling to
take a heavy table at the other side of the road, but they
couldn't because it was to heavy.

And then, I just pull the table from one side and helped them to accomplish their job.When I returned back, I see the deep gratitude in their eyes.

So, I am still believe that it's possible. One day, everybody will give a hand for each other. Wish I could be there.


Literally, one of my my biggest challenges is to make people believe that, we
should think beyond boundaries. As Bangladesh is a racialist's country,
here is no space for
thinking freely. I have got lots of threat for spreading my true words, last year, several bloggers are killed.

So, this puritanical society, doesn't allow me to raise my voice, but I believe that the world will be enlightened.

Although, I am an agnostic person and i don't believe in so called religion, god, heaven or hell but in this country you have to be a believer, especially a Muslim.

If you have anything else to say, then you might be killed.

Racism, extremism radicalism, no space for free thinking, women violence, child abuse are still going on. My biggest challenge is to
overcome these obstacles.

Have a look please at an article about the blogger Avijit Roy:


Yes, I have learned a lot of lesson that I should be conscious of what I
am dealing with, I have to understand the pulse of mass people.

But the literal truth is, it's too tough to deal with the people as they can't be allowed to raise voice, free thinking, new initiative, innovation, idea.

I am just a undergraduate level varsity student who is not belonging with any NGO or other corporation, who don't have any money, any
certificate, but still believe that he will change the world for

More than thousands of hours ago, I have read an article and at the end of
the article there was:
Dream has no expiry date.

This words changed my life.

Let there be light.