Youth-Accelerated Project

Youth-Accelerated Project is a youth-led after-school youth development program designed to empower secondary school students to be more competent. These set of youths are found to be the most vulnerable to social
vices. Their strengths and energies are all opportunities, not ‘threats’ and must therefore be meaningfully engaged and channeled towards productive
ventures. It is the sole aim and purpose is to reduce unemployment, violence and idleness among youths, by educating, inspiring
and empowering them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Upon my return from the Girls20Summit in France, I felt a strong need to do something to help high school leavers make good use of their time, have a change of attitude, develop positive attitudes, have proper career guide and achieve success on the long run. I saw that they were no programs that cater for these set of youth in these areas in local community.


1. Identifying students in secondary schools that urgently need help.
2. Form partnerships with relevant stakeholders to acquire the access to entrepreneurial opportunities.
3.To build a solid and globally competitive platform on which youths, from the secondary level up to the higher institution level can acquire real life skills, express themselves, expand their horizon and become productive social/business entrepreneurs.
4.Simply aim to solve the youth unemployment issues.
5.Rather than starting from the top, we are starting from the bottom – high school
leavers – to help young people acquire the necessary skills and get prepared for the place of work and higher institutions.


We work constructively with others – across organizations, sectors, geographies, and cultures – to ensure the best possible outcomes. YAP works on financial inclusion includes students living in emerging markets. By finding investment in the pioneering use of technology, from mobile to
electronic currency, to make financial transactions more affordable, flexible, and
convenient. We work closely with entrepreneurs to ensure that these innovations are responsibly and successfully brought to market. YAP looks to new methods to improve the educational ecosystems
in under-served local communities. We support entrepreneurial models that bring high-quality, affordable schooling and vocational
training to areas where such education and employment opportunities are scarce. YAP we hope to work in partnership with other youth organizations here in the Free State to achieve some of its objectives.


Understanding the scale and importance of this work, we don’t undertake the
challenge alone.
1. The most powerful force for change lies in our connection with others: business, government, nonprofits, and individual partners.
2. Outreach in both private schools and individuals
3. Partnership with mentor organizations.
4. Partnership with business people and institutions.
5. Partnership with student organizations. 6. Social media campaign.
7. Youth forum and dialogue Summit. In 2015 the forum brought together 74 young people in. Its focus was
on secondary school graduates who have not yet been admitted into the University.The topics ranged from Creativity, Goal Setting and self-awareness to Leadership and tips for


We have connected with promising investees such as the National Youth Development Agency, to entrepreneurial visionaries with business know-how. We currently have an expansion plan that will move YAP from its present state (reliance on grants and donations) to a social enterprise that will continue to make an impact and also make enough profit to sustain its activities financially. By working directly with municipal and provincial foundations, local government, and the charitable sector. Also, we have a strong and passionate team of young people who are committed to ensuring that the vision is sustained and that the objectives are achieved. I have been surprised at the opportunities we have to meet influential leaders and the exposure we get to numerous trainings and workshops. In 12 months, our pilot program will be working with two local foundations, and 15 nonprofit
organizations in our region.


The lack of local community support, resistance to our programs by the school leavers, and the general finance challenge, are some of the challenges I faced while setting up. For my target group, it’s quite difficult. But I reach out to them through word of mouth, referrals, social media, lesson/tutorial centers and churches. Young people generally can be found anywhere and depending on the occasion, my team and I try to explore every possible
medium. To build a solid and
globally competitive platform on which youths, from the
secondary level up to the higher institution level can acquire real life skills, express
themselves, expand their horizon and become productive social/business entrepreneurs.


Collaboration and teamwork at Youth-Accelerated Project are not only encouraged, but also
integral to the experience. Healthy challenges may exist, but competition is nonexistent.
This wonderful atmosphere ensures that everyone is learning and maturing together. Moreover, our colleagues are often the best teachers, and collaboration most often results in an outcome that far exceeds an individual effort. I can definitely see how my views have been broadened. I greatly value the effort that our team brings to the table. Also YAP has helped me leap forward through the various experiences I have received, the activities I have been involved in, the networks I have created and the opportunities I have exploited. I wish to contribute to the better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that prevail in the education sector for students to access. I also will work for a better elaboration of policies and institutional changes that help foster growth and opportunities for youths.


South Africa