Langata Youth Network

Daniel Orogo is one of the original members who founded the Langata Youth Network (LYN) in August of 2012. The group is officially recognized by the Kenyan government. Their fundamental belief is that ‘young people can be community leaders.’ Working with other local youth groups and non-governmental organizations, LYN provides opportunities to help young people play an integral role in improving their communities.
Through his courageous leadership, Mr. Orogo has helped the network grow from its initial 10 members into a voluntary community youth-based organization of over 80 members. Mr. Orogo and his team are committed to helping their neighbors in the Langata and Kibera divisions in Nairobi. His focus and dedication has created an atmosphere conducive to the generation of innovative ideas and discovery of resources that make a difference in Kenya. Mr. Orogo’s efforts are contributing to initiatives that are leading to equal opportunities and development of young people in Kenya.


The Langata Youth Network campaign objectives include:
- Increasing community peace and unity in Kibera division and Kenya as a whole.
- Instilling and promoting, in the Kenyan youth, a spirit of hard work, integrity and values that lead to personal and economic development.
- Creating grassroots networks connected to influential national leaders and forums who can positively influence policies in support of good governance and democracy.
- Activities that promote a clean, sanitary, and sustainable environment.
- Creating awareness and campaigns against gender inequality in Kenya.
- Partnering with organizations to empower Kenyan women and youth through entrepreneurial opportunities.


Mr. Orogo and the Langata Youth Network (LYN) partner with various youth groups from different villages in the Kibera Division. The partnerships have resulted in programs and forums that have reached thousands of young people and provided helpful social services to Kiberans in need.
He had established leadership and membership programs throughout various Kibera neighborhoods and in local schools. Through the implementation of peace building programs and alternative conflict resolution techniques, Mr. Orogo and the LYN are helping create and ensure social justice in the community.
Using various channels Mr. Orogo organizes and participates in community radio programs, debate and social forums, civic education, training, research and network opportunities for the youth in Kenya.
Mr. Orogo is also committed to the rehabilitation of youth, formerly imprisoned, by absorbing them into the groups programs and offering opportunities to reestablish meaningful connections within the community.


Mr. Orogo employs innovative social media strategies to disseminate the messages of ‘positive change’ to the widest audience possible. His group engages a diverse audience through its twitter feeds and blog publishing. He also uses local Kibera television channels and YouTube to visually engage audiences. He and his team are regularly featured on local Pamoja FM radio talk shows. He has created community forums that gives the youth and women of Kibera a safe place to openly discuss community challenges and desired changes. Mr. Orogo leads reconciliation forums that help bring Kibera’s multi-ethnic community together. These forums have also given the people a voice to be heard by their local, county and national governments.


Mr. Orogo’s leadership is the reason for the Langata Youth Network’s substantial impact. The campaign has resulted in a voting forum. During the forum over 500 young people registered as new voters for the upcoming 2017 election. The forum helped over 200 youths obtain their first Kenya national identification cards. Mr. Orogo’s efforts on the Nairobi County Public Participation bill in 2015 has led to a greater voice for the people in their local and national government. His creation on the ‘My Safe City’ campaign has helped empower women to stand up against abuses. The program has also educated young people and shown them the importance of building, vice tearing down, their community. Mr. Orogo led peace dialogues have been a community builder that continues to bring the people of Kibera.


Mr. Orogo and the Langata Youth Network (LYN) continue to face an uphill battle in their quest to make a difference. Political challenges still remain. Despite recent improvements created by LYN’s efforts, the majority of people in Kibera still feel voiceless. They still believe that corruption amongst their political workers and institutions is still prevalent. Mr. Orogo and the network lacks the resources necessary to reach a greater number of people in Kibera. With the right resources, he and his team could reach greater numbers of the people in Kibera with greater frequency. They will be able to create an awareness that can help mobilize the people to stand together. Even with minimal resources, he and his team are proven to be resourceful in finding ways to reach the community. They have a spirit that will never quit.


Through is untiring efforts, Mr. Orogo continues to lead the Langata Youth Network. Since founding the network he has learned that success can only be achieved through community involvement. His team is committed to continue mobilizing the people in Kibera, making them aware of their capability to have their voices ‘heard.’ He has also seen the positive impact in Kibera, when the community’s youth are involved in the governance process. Mr. Orogo continues to work as a bridge builder between the youth of Kibera and their local and national governments. He has also learned that women’s participation in Kibera politics and economic development are vital for future success. Working with the community, Mr. Orogo and the Langata Youth Network will continue to build upon the many lessons learned and help their community grow stronger.