African Youth Advocate Platform

AYAP is a Youth-Led online campaign platform that:
- seeks to create an interactive open space to enhance skills and promote advocacy work amongst young people of Africa and worldwide,
- shares knowledge through continuous updates, monitoring,
- builds capacity and a community of practices for African youth in the advocacy filed of work.

In a nutshell, AYAP is a knowledge sharing platform, offered for youth actors to access and share knowledge about advocacy tools, development policies, practices and projects in Africa.
AYAP is created to fill the gap in advocacy work especially among youth and women field areas in Africa. The youth agendas can only be reached and achieved when prepared and well-skilled young people take ownership of the fight for their rights.
We believe in “Our Future, Our Dignity, and Our Africa”. Therefore, AYAP overall aims is to assist the African development by promoting the integration of African youth by collaborating and sharing their knowledge, lessons.


- Build the capacities of African youth to advocate their needs on the national and local levels;
- Institutionalize the dialogue and reinforce the coordinated actions between African Youth;
- Empower youth organizations and young people to engage in Africa youth cooperation;
- Provide an open space of discussions and opportunities to the African Youth;
- Develop capacity-building of Youth Actors working for African Development.


Through its online training center, AYAP builds capacity of young people willing to take leadership in the advocacy of their rights. Also, in countries and universities, AYAP clubs continuously enhance skills and engage in topics that really matters to young people.
In the long term, AYAP’s African Center is working on training youth to be advocate shifters by providing them basic information on youth development issues across the African Continent.


We use different creative practices:
Advocacy toolkit:
The AYAP toolkit on advocacy processes in the youth sector aim to help youth advocates and youth organizations to develop effective youth advocacy strategies.
Online Trainings:
5 weeks online trainings highlighting one of the AYAP priorities, the participants will benefit from the insights and the advice of experts in the field area of each topic, and will receive a certificate for their accomplishment of the 5 weeks trainings.
Equal Rights Advocates :
Informal and open channel for online discussions; to communicate among AYAP members and experts; for a collaborative working space, on how to work together in the lead-up to and through 2015.


- Organizing campaigns and events gathering more than 500 youth leaders.
- Development and dissemination of various publications and advocacy products on youth employment, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, civic engagement, gender equality and management policies.
- Over 5000 members.
- A platform of knowledge sharing, offered for youth to access and share knowledge about advocacy tools, development policies, practices and projects in Africa.
- Voices and Stories: Inspiring youth, published monthly, “Voices and Stories”, AYAP members, specialists and experts share their views and success stories to enhance the quality of understanding, experience-sharing and capacity development.


Financial sustainability


With more than 50% of the population being youth; sustainable development cannot be fully achieved without women angles, perspectives and mainly voices.
For this we need advocated trained youth to seek their rights and the rights of their communities, because Our Future and Our Dignity is related to our youth.