Teletext Mobile Services (For community solutions)

My Name is Edwin Anyolo, a student and founder of Community Transformation Link Kenya, CTL Kenya was founded in 2013 as a community development program and humanitarian aid. Mission TO promote massive change in the community to enable local communities and societies to build clear understanding through education, poverty alleviation, providing entrepreneurships support, and fight for human rights. We take action and change lives, as we work in the rural communities supporting indigent women and children and young people of all ages that needs the support in Kenya. We work with the following projects. Teletext Mobile, a project that has helped the life of pregnant women through sending of an SMS, and calling to remind pregnant women in urban and rural slums to attend clinics and hospitals. Delivery kits for pregnant women in 47 counties in Kenya is another project that we are working on to improve and secure the health of mother and child.


The object of the campaign is to make sure no child or mother dies due to birth complication. We do this through protecting both the right of mother and child. Teletext Mobile helps and makes things easier for health workers through doctors seeing patients when the need arises, rather than bumping them into another day. The project and campaign also helps with sending of pre-appointment and alerts messages to patients who are in a critical condition to remind them to attend to hospitals and clinics.


The objectives have been achieved through training and registration of pregnant women through our mobile platform and also through volunteers who visit each county and hospital for registration. We have partnered with private hospitals in counties and urban cities in registration of their health works to attend to pregnant women who attend the clinics on time. Through the Teletext app, we have registered 3000 women in 2 counties and we currently send them SMS's and calls as a reminder. We have bought 2000 delivery kits and distributed them to pregnant women who are expecting to give birth, especially in rural communities and urban slums.


We have set up a mobile platform (Teletext Mobile) that uses modern methodologies and technology to pass information and we are finding sustainable solutions towards improving the lives of humanity at local, national and regional level.
This project is unique in that it uses the current means and cheapest way of of communication.


The impact of the campaign is creation of awareness for women, girls, health workers and youth and increase the level of information concerning their health.
Another impact is to allow pregnant women to know and be able to understand and get information on how placenta works, genetic factors, a mum's health, age and lifestyle, and infection, which in turn will lead to safer and proper delivery.


The biggest challenge the campaign face is the level of illiteracy community women have. This is challenging as we have to explain everything and do training for the usage of the technological app. Another challenge is lack of adequate funds to expand the campaign as fast as possible.


Any campaign or project targeting women, girls and youth should be translated into a language and lifestyle they understand, and be implemented by women themselves to achieve maximum impact and create a positive change.