David Oyedepo Day Of Service 2015

David Oyedepo Day Of Service (DODOS) was inspired by the contribution, heartbeat and lifestyle of Dr. David Oyedepo who has through several media and means dedicated his life to the service and upliftment of the human race all across the world. David Oyedepo Day Of Service is set to impart the Spirit and Culture of sacrifice in people, patterned after his tireless efforts to add value and show love relentlessly.
Over the past few years, DODOS has engaged hundreds of youth and scores of stakeholders who diligently served within their capacity reaching various communities and individuals.
Our interdependent world holds more opportunities for advancement than ever before and one evidence of advancement is in the flourishing and wealth of everything around us – people and systems alike, hence, the focus of DODOS – service to humanity.

At DODOS, we understand that the average man is all out for himself, but there would be no tangible progress if everyone continues in this mentality…


Render Selfless Service to Humanity in whatever capacity you can between September 21st to 27th September 2015.Send us Proofs via pictures to e-mail, facebook or twitter.


*A call to persons afiliated one way or the other to Bishop David Oyedepo were contacted and a team was put to follow up on them to do something for humanity.
*A call was also made via Social Media to persons who are into Service and Humanitarian feats to do some work, document and send back.
*A Reach out to individuals and well wishers in various bodies was also made.
*More Social Media Campaigns and Videos on Youtube to sensitize people on the need to render service to humanity.


*Effective use of Social Media
*Use of Some Nigerian Papers as well to Publish the event
*Use of Radio Stations, like Hebron Fm etc.


65 Projects, 1346 Contributors,
Thousands of Volunteers in Over 20 states in Nigeria and Various African Countries.
Presence in U.K, and USA as well.


*Volunteering and getting people to do things.
*Funds and Resources


*With a heart of commitment, a small group of persons can achieve much.
*We are our best limitations.