Ending Poverty

Eric Ramazani is leading the charge. Eric is an NGO Representative at the United Nations for Youth for Transparency International. He also organizes the annual youth assembly at the UN. One of Eric’s current goals is to create a ‘Global Homeless Day’ that brings awareness, solutions, and compassion to the ongoing and critical homelessness problem that affects our entire world.


Ending poverty by creating a system where government, businesses, and the population works together to end poverty.

Eric who is supportive of government has one example. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the richest countries on earth. It is also home to the key minerals that build cellphone devices and other electronic products. If we can train the people to build those products, they will automatically train the community and build skills for themselves which creates jobs and builds a strong economy for the country. The government is benefiting, the business community is benefiting and the population is benefiting. It's a win-win scenario.


By partnering with local government and local business leaders.

In February 2016. Eric Ramazani and the City of New York are bringing young homeless youths to the United Nations Headquarters for a private guided tour and a chance to meet with UN officials.

During New York Fashion in February 2016. Eric Ramazani and Uptown Fashion Week (Fashion Production Company), are organizing an International fashion show with the best designers to promote and raise awareness about "Gender Equality" as a Human Rights. www.uptownfashionweek.com


Using technology, and data as tools to improve people lives.
Data and technology brings hope. In this new day and age, we can't have excuses anymore. We're interconnected through the internet. Children in Slovenia can have access to education through the internet. We can collect data anywhere in the world and use metrics to resolve certain issues related to poverty.


People will have basic rights, like access to clean water, sanitation, the right to their own land, a home/shelter, employment, education, and health care. Build a strong economy is investing in the population. Once the population is better educated, better pay and benefits, the company, the government, and the community will automatically benefit. The world will benefit from a healthy economy.


The biggest challenge is the political will. As an NGO representative at the UN. Eric met with nearly all Head of States during the annual General Assembly of the UN in September, in order to make contact with influential policy makers.


I've learned to never give up. As a young father, raising bi-racial children. I realized that we all deserve the same opportunities, same treatment, and that we are all equal under God.


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