Abs Development Organization considers the first NGOs in rural Yemen has worked to change the community.. It is working on women's rights since 1996, was founded in 22/08/1996 by a group of Abs activists girls affected by bad situation of Abs Directorate to eradication of Illiteracy and poverty. Aisha Thawab is a Founder for this organization, by Spirit of giving, and a sense of humanity Aisha founded this organization. Aisha Thawab have an elderly these girls impact and increased their attachment to women in Abs and identify the problems and sufferings of the Directorate, particularly the tragedies and suffering of women in the education, health, development of living, discrimination and violence gender-based.Despite the difficulties and obstacles it were able to create a change and improved the development of communities. In fact , ADO is the leader in the change and build communities at the level of rural Yemen

Success Achieved

- Literacy for more than 10000 women in Abs district.
We have provided more than 1,500 jobs for women,
ًWe have empowerment more than 2134 youth
Economically, socially and politically

Changed society's perception of women for the better

Challenges Faced

Majority officials in Hajjah Governorate and Abs District rejects the idea of organization establish and seeing women going out to work., and so ADOmet with great difficulties in the implementation of its projects and programs. Some influential officials wanted to stop its projects and programs and an actions to achieve that were taken, such actions are:
1-blowing up literacy classes by dynamite.
2. Defamation ADO in mosques.
3. Exposing ADO governing body to the prosecutor in an attempt imprison them.
4. Threat organization' associate and supporters women.
5. Block building Alrdhah school and the school of Almakafi.
6. Obstruct the water supply project built in Bani Aladhabi.
7. Block building Bani Al-moshth school and the front unit.
8. stop exams of literacy centers belongs to ADO, and the building of Aldkamh and Al-kafalh schools .

Lessons Learnt

All difficulties and obstacles could not arrest the resoluteness to create a change and development in communities.
Motivation and empower youth considers as two important factors for success in any campaigns for change.
Faith and determination are important to the success of any advocacy or campaign.

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