I am Ini Usanga. I am an Irish citizen with Nigerian roots. I am a survivor of abuse and today an empowered woman who uses her voice to advocate for the right of children and women. My transformation did not come easy. For many years I hid myself behind a smiling face but was slowly dying. I did not want to speak about my abusive experience because I did not want to be judged or pitied.
I was forced to leave Nigeria, and then became a single mother in a new country – Ireland, which today is my home. Although I always supported victims of abuse I never made a personal connection. I was always hiding and of course ashamed.

I was a victim of sexual and domestic abuse and it almost cost me my life. My family rejected me when I decided to stand up for myself after deciding that I wanted no more abuse.

Last year, I finally made a personal decision to break my silence, come out in the open and speak about my experience and journey through my abusive experience. It was very challenging.

Success Achieved

Love and Care for People
Youths Rule
Inspire Kids Club
Teens Rule

Named Human Rights Champion by Amnesty International Ireland.

Challenges Faced

Child Sexual Assault
Attempted Suicide
Domestic Abuse
Sexual Assault

Lessons Learnt

Acceptance and forgiving starts the healing process.

Story About

Ini Usanga

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