Safeer Khan Durrani is a young Peace activist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He is working for peace promotion and pluralism through awareness campaigns, advocacy and Peace dialogues. He is a Humanist, believing in human dignity, Pluralism, Liberalism, and Progressive Nationalism and work to Preserve Freedom, Democracy, Civil Liberties, Human Dignity & The value Of Each Human Being, Human Rights, Social Justice in the conflict affected province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has been involved in training the youth and specially Madrassa students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on conflict resolution and peace promotion.
On 16 December 2014, an army led school on Peshawar was attacked by some unknown terrorists, where more than 144 school children were killed and more than 500 were injured.
It was one of the most tragic incidents of the country. Soon after the incident, Safeer Khan Durrani, chairman of democratic student’s federation, on 16 December 2014, decided to conduct a sit-in in Peshawar

Success Achieved

Through this campaign, his struggles were proved fruitful as government agreed to their demands. The name of the campaign was “Taleemi Dharna” which reflected the importance of education for the youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
144 new schools were build in KP, and in same number libraries will be established.
Government Officials assured that they will make policies for Schools, Colleges and Universities security.

Safeer is passionate on working for Human rights and Peace Promotion. He writes blogs on the problems faced by the minority groups and youth to raise issues.

Challenges Faced

During the sit-in in front of the Peshawar Press Club with a group of his friends to demand the right to live from the government, proper security to the educational institutions and protecting the families of victims. The sit-in continued for more than half a month where they faced many difficulties and pressure from the political groups, and Terrorist organizations, But he was determined for the rights of the people of Khyber Pkahtunkhwa, and continued his struggle.

Lessons Learnt

The youth, all over the world through history, have been a revolutionary force. This precious asset can revive a nation going through hard times. The youth of a nation can do wonders if availed, trained, educated and informed in an optimum fashion.
Educated and well-informed youth can revive the present state of restlessness in the country.

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