Shelter for stop conversion

It was based on the basic facility of a shelter for excluded communities of Chitral KPK Pakistan. It is focused on two types of communities in Kelash.

The Kalash or the Kalasha are the only pagan minority residing in the Chitral district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhua. They form the smallest minority community in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Kalashas live in three valleys of Chitral, namely Rumbur, Brumbret and Birir. The Rumbur and Brumbret form a single culture due to their very similar cultural practices, while Birir is the most traditional and forms a separate culture.

At this time some of the religious groups are making effort to convert them to their faith.

• These centers or Madrasas (religious institutions) provide free food, accommodation and education. They enforce them to accept Islam
• Moreover, for the change of faith and converting to Islam they offer them free construction of houses and business, marriages etc.


o To preserve the cultural and traditional heritage through facilitation
o Modify the construction through healthy environment
o Support them without any kind of greed or curse
o No advantage/ profits are demanded from community
o House standards improve the education and living standards as well.


ADO preserve the precious culture of the kelash community through providing the shelter facility.
ADO did not insist to rebuild the houses or rooms it was suggested to modify their rooms or houses according to the culture with good environment.Although at this time they are living in good house and better conditions.
ADO support them without any greed or curse we did not force them to do any thing. Community has strong trust on ADO and team.
This support improve the living standards of community now there childrens are attending the school because they are aware that education is as important.


This has innovative idea to stop the conversion from any faith. Everybody have the right to live with full independence of religion,faith and believes.
It was observed that kelash community was ignored and poor.Therefore they are most deserving community of Pakistan. According to this approach ADO conduct need base assessment.House and living condition was worst. They did not have any saving for rebuilding or construction of the houses.• Each of the house was constructed on hill small yards were design with wood
Wood stairs of each house were separated. 01 person was elapse there.Mostly buildings were 100-150 years old and wood is not in better condition.Toilet culture was not familiar. ADO address all these basic issues in the innovation


ADO almost achieved the set targets in the campaign. We organized initial visits and did a needs based assessment, and raised aware and sensitized the community.

Organized monitoring visits and from time to time visited the target area. Facilitated the targeted community regarding the shelter facility.

ADO provided 106 shelters to the neglected community of Kelash.

In terms of the impact the community is satisfied with their living conditions. It is more need for improvement but at this time they are living in a better situation.

They are free and independent to perform each and every task of life. They can perform their religious customs without any threat. Nobody can threaten them to convert to Islam.


Chitral weather and roads are the biggest challenge for the ADO team. During provision of the shelter facility to the community harsh weather and bad conditions of the roads disturbed and delayed the work and process. But ADO team did it with full devotion.


Although roads were not good and all the way the project was risky, nothing is impossible.
The ADO team learnt that difficult tasks can be achieved with a hard struggle,patience and linkages to government departments.