Child Protection and Empowerment of Adolescents

1.Drop-in-centres for homeless children (male & female)
2.Help line
3.Life skill based Education


Keeping in view the problems being faced by homeless children and adolescents a target of 300 affected children (150 boys & 150 girls) was determined. The following services are provided at these centers:

- A total number of 243 children were registered at SALBWS who are also provided with counseling. OF these, 23 children were referred for free legal aid. A total number of 14 children were referred for free advanced medical care.


a) A thorough social mapping of the urban space has been done, which now is providing protective and social services to the vulnerable street children.
b) A number of meetings have been arranged with the community of that area and considerable level of trust was gained by involving the community and the notables.

c) A Drop In Centre called "Hyderabad / Mirpurkhas / Sukkur / Larakana” was established to provide social services to the street children.

d) After having a number of meetings with the workshop owners, they were convinced to cater for a specific number of children at their workshops / restaurants.


- 100 children took advantage of the bathing and washing facility available at the centre. - 11 meetings were conducted with the parents (mother and father / guardians) of affected children having trouble at their homes or runway children who are being reunified.
- 9 children have been taken back to their homes.
- A total of 5 children have been reintegrated by either enrolling them at schools or putting them in work in the workshops/ restaurants.
- 243 children were provided with health & hygiene education.
- 63 street living children were involved in healthy eating behavior by involving them in preparing their own food at the centre.
- 3 children chronically taking drugs were referred to the detoxification centre.


In addition, 21 children with minor cuts and bruises were provided with first aid available at the centre.


- Social mobilization by female social mobilizer has also been in progress.
- Children of TM Khan Drop in Centre are also actively participating in theatre workshops on the topic of child sexual abuse in the district TM Khan.
- The total target for SALBWS was 750 (Boys & Girls) including Victims of Violence, Abuse, Exploitation, Trafficking, Runaway and HIV/AIDS for the year 2012.


Hyderabad , Larkana, Sukkur, and Mirpurkhas Province of Sindh
Keeping in view the problems being faced by these children and adolescents a target of 1500 affected children (750 boys & 750 girls) are provided with the services described at these centers.