Ending poverty through Empowerment

This Campaign is targeted at women from the rural communities and seeks to break the vicious cycle of poverty by empowering them with skills and basic tools needed to gain financial independence and improve the quality of their lives.

The major focus of this project is on poverty reduction by creating jobs and businesses.

We understand that economic growth is the best poverty reduction program as it turns aspiration into reality.

This campaign is an Income Generating, skill building and wealth creation Program aimed at promoting the economic advancement of women by providing them with solid vocational and entrepreneurial skills in the following vocations:
shoe and bag making, tailoring and fashion design, computer appreciation, introduction to ICT, hairdressing, fish farming and snailery, general beads making, catering and baking cakes, photography and video editing, and soap making etc.


The major objective of this project is to strengthen processes that promote economic development of women and the youth, as well as create an environment for social change.

The project will pursue its objectives through the following components:
- institutional capacity building for women and youth development.
- Establish support mechanisms for the  women and youths.
- Establish mechanisms to access social programs, training and funds for community wealth creation.
- To create an atmosphere of contentment in families across Nigeria, tending towards a great reduction in crime rates and violence as negativity, pessimism and mediocrity will give way to hope, economic independence and healthy enthusiasm.


We trained women and youth in their vocations of interest. At the end of their training, which lasted for six months, we presented them with certificates of completion.

They also got empowerment items like sewing machines, hair dryers, cooking stoves, bead sets, etc. to enable them to kickstart their businesses.

We also gave interest-free loans to participants to enable them to start their businesses. These items were bought with funds contributed by the members of the Selfworth Organization for Women Development and through the support of the founder of the organisation; Mrs Chinyere Anokwuru.


The campaign and organization has had significant success in developing a micro-lending scheme that empowers women to break cycles of poverty and become financially independent.

It is a transformative approach to alleviating poverty and building resiliency in women and girls. The campaign has created sustainable poverty alleviation projects that promote the empowerment of women and girls.


The campaign launched businesses that are sustainable and will generate a basic income for the families of the participants.

- Beneficiaries would become self-reliant
- Participants are assured employment
- Improved status of family in the society
- Enhanced self confidence
- Increase in the number of people paying their taxes.
- Participants become equipped with skills and training that will enable them to charge fees for their services.
Participants are taught strict hygienic standards and exceptional delivery/ customer service in running their businesses.


The number of women and youth that has passed through our training is 314. All of them got the empowerment items to kickstart their businesses but only 143 of them were given interest free loans.

Our biggest challenge is getting sufficient funds to meet the financial needs of the participants.


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