Fair Saturday

Fair Saturday is a day to change the world through art and culture.

Every last Saturday of November artists, NGOs and people unite in a day full of art and culture. This takes place in multiple cities all the country.
It is just after Black Friday as a way of making people invest in, and spend on, art and culture.

We believe this is a better way to spend our money so we set a date to do it massively.


The point is to rescue the values that art can be a valuable income source for a country and that it can have such an impact that it can change the world.

Every artist chooses a social project or NGO and gives part of the profits to them and sets a moment of the show for the chosen cause to speak about their projects.

In this way everyone wins - the artist and society.


We managed in our last edition this past November 28th to put together 203 shows in 42 cities. All this with just 4 people behind the scenes and a really low budget.

Our strategy was mostly online, we sent e-mails, and used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to contact with people across Spain.

We got three sponsors by September and had some shows set only one day before the date as everything was rushed.


Most of our communication is online - we managed to gain newspaper and TV coverage but this was far less than our digital reach.

Overall, through our social network and emails we reached an audience of 83,531 people in 42 cities. There were 3,924 artists performing- all on the same day for the same cause and yet many kms apart.


Our biggest impact is always when we tell people what we are trying to do - most people have call us crazy.
But the numbers - this last November 28th we raised 71.139,57 Euros for social projects and NGOs - local or global.

See above for the numbers of audience members and artists involved.

We also had the #IamFair as a trending topic on Twitter for 12 hours straight. We had 80,000 views of our page before the date and had a base of 2,000 people on Facebook.

And this is just our second edition.


The biggest challenge has been doing something that nobody has done before.
I don't think there's a date for an art/cultural activity that is as big as the Soccer World Cup or the election of the U.S President.

We want this movement to be as global as those things are.
We also, as stated before, are only 4 people and had a budget mostly from our founder´s pocket, so we're doing as much as we can with the resources we had.


Perseverance, team work, thinking outside the box and overall listening.

We got a million - no - but two hundred and three - yes.

So we sincerely think this is a necessary project and we will keep trying to make it work.