Lead Women for Change

The campaign is aimed at building capacity for women in Tanzania to get financial freedom by training them on Entrepreneurship, helping them to start small businesses by getting capital through saving groups, where women come together and save small amounts of money that result in BIG savings and help them to support their lives by become social entrepreneurs and leading them to become out of depending on their husbands, and lead them to development of their families by supporting their kids and their families to prosper.

This will lead to developing the economy of Tanzania and eradicate poverty through women.


The objectives of the campaign are to:
1.Free women from economic ties that lead them to extreme poverty.
2.Build financial confidence in women in Tanzania.
3.Develop Tanzania through women's economic activity.
4.Create access to finance for women to start businesses.
5.Equip women with financial and entrepreneurship skills to run businesses and contribute to the economy.


The objectives were achieved through:
1.Women Seminars.
The foundation trains women on poverty alleviation and educates them on the importance of starting women's groups, to help them come together and learn how to stop poverty among themselves. Through seminars conducted by the foundation, women understood the importance of this knowledge.

2.Establish Micro Finance group.
The foundation succeeded to help women in Tanzania, specifically in Arusha, to start micro finance groups ,which help women come together and share the common purpose of ending their poverty, where the groups help them to come together and start saving funds, which they are using to give loans to each women to start a business and support their lives.

3.Training women with entrepreneurship skills.
The foundation trains women on social entrepreneurship and business lessons which are helping women in Tanzania to start businesses and manage them easily without the use of capital, for their families.


The innovation of this campaign was an idea from the foundation on sustainable goal number one - ending poverty in the community but by beginning with women.

We believe women are the major victims of poverty and goals number five is Gender Equity. Women experience a lot of domestic violence due to a lack of financial freedom. We believe by helping women to have financial freedom they will be able to experience equity in their family and communities.


The campaign has impacted a lot of women in Tanzania so far - more than 300 women have been brought together and formed micro finance groups. Already, these women have received capital loans and started businesses in their communities and their lives have changed and we have experienced that respect came back from their families and they are all feeling more empowered and we understand and believe they are contributing a lot to their communities and their country.


The biggest challenge we faced as a foundation was to eliminate the negative mindset of women in local communities to believe they are not born to be house workers and depending on their husbands. Since this has been injected into their brains it is hard to change.


When you empower women they are capable of changing lives ,and supporting these women in Tanzania and Africa will totally change the country and will change the world.
When you help, and change the life of, a woman you are helping more than ten people behind her, a bit different from a man.