FPG Global Education Intiatives

FPG’s mission is to empower youth to address social issues and create social change. With a focus on youth ages 12 to 19, the organization utilizes modern technological tools to foster global partnerships through education and youth engagement. In addition, they incorporate what is learned outside of the classroom as well as peer-to-peer education as part of their programs.


Focal Point Global (FPG) ensures youth are educated and equipped with necessary tools to address global issues in their communities.


As 2012 White House Champions of Change, the dynamic duo has accomplished a great deal since launching the organization in 2010. This includes creating the US -Southern Africa HIV Education Initiative (2010), the US-Cameroon Child Trafficking Awareness Project (2012), the Gambia-Namibia HIV/Ebola Education Initiative (2014), preparing 150 global youth alumni, and serving as 2013 TEDxEmory Keynote Speakers.


Technology plays a significant role in FPG’s programs as e-learning helps reduce the cost of learning and providing information to the youth. From connecting youth in different countries to helping young people verify what they learn, the organization is keen on using technology to help youth gain access to opportunities.

Young people are empowered to create solutions and technology enables them to do that while simultaneously instilling in them the value of remaining in their countries to address the problems. With access to internet resources and tools, global networks and collaborations are at their fingertips while they address social issues through home-grown, local solutions.


To date, FPG has succeeded in spearheading three major projects, including the US-Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Education Initiative, the US-Cameroon Child Trafficking Awareness Project, and the more recent Gambia-Namibia HIV Education Initiative. These projects have reached 150 youth in 4 countries, 6 cities, and 2 continents.

In 2016, they are launching a youth employment and entrepreneurship initiative, YEEI. This program will focus on preparing 50 teenagers in Chicago, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; Windhoek, Namibia; and Johannesburg, South Africa, to seize the opportunities of a 21st-century economy. In an increasingly competitive global economy, education, ingenuity, and collaboration are necessary to succeed. YEEI is a three-month-long program connecting teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 with their peers, new mentors, new networks, and valuable job opportunities. For more information, please visit www.focalpointglobal.org or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The main challenge is the lack of financial support needed to operate FPG and implement youth proposed projects.


Focal Point Global understands that peer education is important. Youth listen and learn a great deal from their peers. This information tends to be crucial in the decisions youth make. Focal Point Global wants to ensure that some of the information that they do share, particularly around social issues, is accurate, diverse, well rounded, and motivates these youth to take action. Our projects incorporate virtual, real-time, cultural exchanges, providing a global experience for youth who would not ordinarily have the chance to travel to a different country. Participating youth learn not only about social issues, but also about other cultures, how culture contributes to social issues, and various perspectives in tackling a shared social issue. Youth learn to think globally, act locally, and empower others to do the same.