Mil Sonrisas

“Mil Sonrisas” propose; through the voluntary participation of young people in local and international stature, play, recreation and educational activities that strengthen child's ability to learn beyond their common barriers, explore worlds and still get learning values. Having volunteers from several countries of the world during the months of December and January, conveys the message of multiculturalism and global understanding proposed.

1000 Smiles have two fields of action identified by two cycles:
First stage: December. Facing a Catholic reality, during this month we worked accompanying work days in the season of “novenas” involving the content referred to the participants children. For the completion of this stage and in the concept of giving smiles in the holiday month, we collected and gave gifts to children enrolled.

Second stage: January. Appropriation of global understanding and weeks dedicated to address specific disciplines.


General Objective:
Installing a project of extended day project that allows the children of the neighborhood “Salamaca” who are in risk situation, access to portions of the culture that broaden and deepen their chances of being in the world and transform it.

Specific objectives:
- To offer new spaces for children to enjoy a holiday of positive learning.
-Teach the importance of mutual understanding and values since childhood.
- To assist the teaching process to ensure learning achievement in values for most children.

The project has as its center the following areas of action:
• Literature.
• Culture expositions.
• Human rights education and values.
• Education in leadership and career plan.
• Physical education.
• Foreign language.


Mil Sonrisas have a total of 20 hours per week of work of the volunteers, from Monday to Friday and addition of 15 hours of week for join work planning and organization of educational proposals (check the timeline in the photos).

Therefore for the project defined in the following:
# of children attending each of the workshops.
# of workshops planned for the theme of art and literature.
# of Workshops taught to the subject of art and literature.
# of workshops planned for the theme of values and soft skills.
# of Workshops taught to the issue of values and soft skills.
# of workshops planned for the physical education theme.
# of Workshops taught physical education to the theme.
# of workshops planned for the foreign language theme.
# of Workshops taught foreign languages to the theme.
# of workshops planned for the life project theme.
# of Workshops taught life project to the theme.
# of recreational days executed.
# of gifts given.
# of progress reports delivered by volunteers.


This project not only develop knowledge of children and volunteers because each of the children replicate knowledge with their families, each Member who helped run the project will seek to impact thanks to their experience with this project to new communities, each of the international voluntary return to their country of origin and not only change the paradigms that have in their communities about Pereira, as they met not only Colombia tourism, also face the face that needs more help and likewise try to replicate this experience in their hometowns, since most innovative aspect of this project is not only impacting the community of Salamanca but impact the entire world through Our international mobility.


The first edition of the project carried out in the district of Cuba and with the participation of 200 children, opened the operative business and recreational supplement in the December holidays. The second edition was in 2014, it took place in Corocito Pereira, launched workshops attended by 100 children and the delivery of 100 gifts for them. In 2015, according to local screenings and enjoying the work of a strong local structure, the project was carried out in the Salamanca neighborhood coming to life of 400 children, the project was executed by 46 young volunteers who came from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Brasil, Costa Rica and El Salvador under the support of 55 members of AIESEC Pereira.

AIESEC always search a global impact to all places, that is why 46 volunteers families given to these young people learning about their different cultures and teaching about our Colombian culture.


The execution of the project had two major challenges: the first was the logistics, since working with more than 400 children and more than 45 young international volunteer make a good handle critical internal communication of the organization; on the other hand at the time of the execution of the project it has demonstrated the importance of planning classes so that children are interested in attending three hours a day for 5 days a week generating great effort in organizing activities by volunteers.

The other major challenge is related to the part of the resources needed to implement the project, since to have captured the attention of children every day it is necessary to have materials of daily work and likewise have a sufficient number of gifts for each of the children attending the project which has generated a large number of internal strategies to collect resources and this make possible the execution of the project.


The greater impact that left the project is the fact that both members of AIESEC in Pereira and youth of international volunteering not only change the lives of children with existing work but that each of these children have an impact and change the lives of the volunteers, as to living the day with them they know reality living in their homes and these stories really generate the impact. Since the reality in which these children live is very different to what the volunteers have lived and these are people who must be children counselors to guide them on how solve each one of the living being in a community so vulnerable and in most cases this means get out of their comfort zone and give their best to support them in any situation.

In the same way the project has left evidence that there are many people who want to help and many people who want to be helped and that whatever difference which exists between people, can work together to achieve the goals that we have in common.