By our hands we make our future

Women with hearing disabilities shared and integrated in psychological support program which is a major program in the Aisha association. The program developed in order to achieve an empowerment of women in a comprehensive psychological and social aspects since the beginning 2005 as a part of a strategic plan for the program Gaza Community Mental Health in 2005-2007. The individual empowerment program was the program which has been worked on the most to be developed.


The main objective for the proposed campaign is a contribution to decrease the violence against women who have hearing difficulty by producing awareness and psychological support.
Its objective was reducing violence against women and dealing with it in the Gaza strip.The work of this program is about the collection of approaches through a direct therapeutic intervention with the victims of violence through psychological counseling and also sometimes, psychological therapeutic intervention which redirects to the clinic Gaza Community Mental Health, and the curriculum of the community. The integration of women with hearing disabilities is done.


Made 16 sessions of psychological and social support group of 30 women who have hearing disabilities. The group was divided in two groups so 15 women in every group. The session was two meetups a week and every meeting lasted two hours. 4 meetings went about violance and how to keep away from it.


To "break disability" and to integrate the women into society and get them out of disability.


The women who have hearing disabilities became more aware and more able to deal with psychological pressure and face the violence against them.


The difficulty of dealing with people with hearing disabilities and deliver the right information to them; the lack of all the necessary facilities for people with hearing disabilities to integrate them into society easily.


All the participants felt warmth and recovery because they found the ones who hear them and shared all their experiences decreasing the pressure and the stress, and increase the relaxation through psychological discharge were achieved. \ Applying the workhouse through breathing and relaxation
All the participants found that there are people support them. Using modeling was one of the ways to get benefits from others experiences. Expressing their feelings and emotions the participants acquired mind and body skills and self-care; provide a safe place in dealing with themselves and others was applied.