Bridge the gender gap in TECH

To bridge the Tech gender gap in Tanzania by empowering young girls aged between 10-18 years with coding skills and entrepreneurship skills and build the girls' confidence to realize their potential that they can do/be anything they want to regardless of their gender and age.


- Reduce stereotype about tech being a male-thing
- Create tech role models and entrepreneurs
- To build girls confidence and realise their potential to do anything they want to
- Improve knowledge and academic performance for girls
- Inspire more girls to pursue ICT subjects/courses in secondary school & tertiary level education


- Created 18 coding clubs in selected secondary schools where we provided coding training and tech entrepreneurship to more than 700 girls and creating a small incubation with 30 incubates.
- Organized different events like Camps, hackathons, workshops and competitions where girls learned coding in different languages, project ideas which they coded/build themselves and pitched them to the jury and the public during the competitions.
- Mentoring the girls who develop projects up to implementation (some are already in the pilot phase of implementation such as
- Training girls to pitch to the public and be able to express themselves
- Since some of the coding languages we teach is part of the school curriculum, most of them have shown a high grade improvement since 2014
- Have created young Tech entrepreneurs who have start-ups and are inspiring more girls to join ICT
- Using the stories of our star mentees we campaigned on media's power of a girl in TECH


- Coding clubs with a unique training model and curriculum.
- Standard mentor-ship/incubation that turns teenagers into tech entrepreneurs


Apps and girls has impacted 903 girls have gained coding skills and entrepreneurship skills with 95% of the girls increased their confidence and academic performance.

We have 20 incubatees where 10 girls have completed their projects and business surveys and 6 of them have already started implementing the Pilot: helping parents to get students' results from school providing sex education to teenagers, online suggestion to rate companies service, linking farmers to buyers and crowdfunding for fistula victims, ending students' harassments.
Apps and girls has also impacted 68 women with digital literacy.


Limited resources: Most schools did not have well equipped computers and 90% of the girls did not own a computer so in most clubs computers were shared by 3 to five girls per computer. And very few schools had Internet connection so all this slowed the progress of learning.

Our clubs were only allocated to 1-2 hours per week and students were not given extra time to practice in the labs so it took much longer time to get the expected impact.

To help girls get more practice and code their digital projects we created a small incubator equipped with 30 computers where girls come over the weekend for mentorship. But because the lab is located in the outskirts of the city most parents were not willing to let their daughters attend. And because some parents were digitally illiterate they thought ICT was all about watching immoral videos or chatting so they didn't see the value of letting their daughters join the program. Limited funds to secure all the required and up to date resources.


Anyone can do anything when they put their mind to it.
- You don't need much to make a change in your community, even the smallest thing you do may save or change someones life.
- To create a better society we need to use the coming generation who are the future leaders.




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