ASCOVIME's Mobile Clinic

ASCOVIME believes that access to medical care and educational opportunities are fundamental human rights. ASCOVIME’s primary activities are weekend mobile medical clinics in which Dr. Bwelle and his team of volunteers distribute to educational supplies and medical care to villagers. The Mobile Clinic is divided in two parts; MEDICAL and EDUCATIONAL Campaigns, that are committed projects that is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every weekend in rural villages. Dr. Bwelle has become known affectionately as “Georges of the Jungle” and he is widely respected among the thousands of indigenous villagers that he serves twice a year.
ASCOVIME and his founder are making us proud to say: “Africa Is a Sleeping Giant for Social Change!”
I believe Dr. Georges Bwelle is an ideal candidate for The Nelson Mandela – Graça Machel Innovation Awards 2016.


Dr. Bwelle founded ASCOVIME is a pioneer of Global Health who has created the concept of combining Public Health and Education in a country of socio-political chaos. Lately, Georges Bwelle has started a program to provide birth certificates to the children who are not served by the administration.
Dr. Bwelle’s novel strategy is to provide free medical care to parents and families while simultaneously providing teachers and children with the educational supplies they need to attend school and succeed. ASCOVIME offers innovative mobile medical clinics along with educational and leadership opportunities for African youth, villagers and women as well as for medical students and volunteers from the local and the international community.


The Mobile Clinic visits between 35 - 40 villages per year, and serves between 1,500 to 2700 people per weekend. Nine months of the year, ASCOVIME, along with local and international volunteers, travels to villages and provides direct no-cost medical consultations, medications, and surgeries.

The organization also returns the villages to distribute didactic materials to teacher and students.
For some villages, the team of medical volunteers could perform surgeries and consultations. During each campaign, with the support of the communities, ASCOVIME always holds public ceremonies along with local and traditional leaders.
The Annual Report contains detailed information about the achievements of ASCOVIME.


- Combining Global Health and Education as a conceptual model for a Civil Society organization.
- Providing free medical care to the parents to empower them to believe in Education for their children.
- Serving the underserved and giving the voice to the voiceless.
- Training the local and international medical student on tropical diseases.
- Working with government, tribal, traditional and civil society to affect chance.


The Mobile Clinic serves 32 000 individuals every year.
- 65% children (young girls and boys)
- 27% women
- 22% men
*- Annual Report upon request.


After over a decade and half of success, the demand for ASCOVIME to come serve if tremendously growing but the organization is lacking of sustainable funding.
Dr. Bwelle’s novel strategy is to provide free medical care to parents and families and in doing so encourage them to put their children through school. However, he not only encourages parents to send their children to school, he provides their children with the birth certificates, school supplies and learning materials they need to attend school and to thrive. ASCOVIME works in collaboration with teams of teachers, educators and villagers who organize the distribution of free school supplies, teaching materials, tables, benches, chairs, notebooks, books, computers, and oil lamps for night classes. ASCOVIME volunteers not only provide free medical care to parents and children, they also hand deliver educational materials to teachers and students at village schools.


“I, Issa Nyaphaga had been honored to witness first-hand the power of Dr. Bwelle and ASCOVIME’s work. I have seen him and his team of volunteers provide hundreds of free medical consultations—in just one weekend—to villagers who had never seen a doctor before. After providing consultations from dawn until dusk, Dr. Bwelle rested only briefly before beginning to provide no-cost surgery to villagers. I stayed up through the night to watch him perform 10 consecutive surgeries overnight using only local anesthesia on patients in an isolated village with generator and no running water.”

Dr. Bwelle is not only deeply committed to serving communities in need but he is also just as committed to sharing his knowledge, expertise, passion and vision with others. Dr. Bwelle founded ASCOVIME 15 years ago and during that time he has collaborated with thousands of local and international medical professionals, volunteers, and students who have come to learn from him and to work with him.