JoyShare (translated in englisgh means is a website designed to put in one place stories about people who needs immediate help and people who want to choose and help one of that cases.


To make real marketing for families, children, youth and any person which is currently in a difficult situation, independent of their will (illness, lack of parents, homelessness, lack of clothes, food or other regular needs).

The idea of the campaign is to put in the same place people who need help and people who want to help, but don't know who!

In that idea, people who know of people in trouble, can send the story and photos to the website, the stories are selected and verified and after that are published. Anyone who wants to help somebody but don't know who and how, search one story on the website and meets that person or family directly.


We encourage donors to send us photos and feedback about the meeting with the family or person who helped. Some of them do so, while mostly they want to remain anonymous.
Anyway, we post feedback stories and photos on the website.


Is the first thing like this in Romania and in South-Europe, with minimum resources (less than $50), by a guy who don't have money himself to help poor people. He and some friends started doing marketing for poor people.


In the 8 months since I launched the site more than 300 families who lacked food, clothing, appliances were helped. Young people received books, school supplies and laptops. There are no spectacular achievements in number, but for those people who have received and have given are fundamental.


To increase this idea so as to overcome our county (Bistrița-Nasaud), to national and even international level.

We are also in discussions well advanced with one of the largest retailers in the food industry in Romania, for a unique project in our country, that would offer free food and household products still under warranty term in stores but are withdrawn from sale to those who have real need for these products. This spring we will start the pilot project in the county of Bistrita-Năsăud where we estimate a total of 1,500 beneficiaries initially and if the project will be sustainable it will be implemented nationwide which according to our estimates, the monthly benefit from our idea over 50,000 people who need help.

Nomination for Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Awards could be a good chance for us to share worldwide that simple and cheap idea that change lives.


You don't need much money to bring hope in life without hope! You just need to care!