Buy A Brick

Campaign to build a dormitory for 30 vulnerable girls, in Bombo, a rural area in Uganda. We had a social media campaign dubbed #BuyABrick as well as fundraising events publicised on social media, to raise the amount needed to complete the building.

The main target audience was the youth, who make the biggest part of the Ugandan population. We believe that involving them in positive social change at a young age will trickle down to the generations that follow.

This campaign took part in mid-2015 and we were able to unveil the girl’s dormitory on Saturday 12th December, 2015.


- To raise funds for the construction of a girl's dormitory in Bombo.

- Throughout the campaign, we encouraged people to give of their time and resources in order to be part of the bigger picture- giving the girls a safe place to call home.

-Raise awareness for the plight of the children at Elohim Development center, Bombo where we were working.


We were able to raise the required funds to complete the dormitory and officially opened it in December 2015

- We opened doors for this community by encouraging other partners to support them. Through our connections, other groups have since joined hands with the community.

These include: worship harvest church providing psychosocial support and Fit clique Africa that trained the girls in physical and emotional awareness.


Use of social media for social good. In my experience, I have learnt that a hash tag can save a life, if used correctly.

Through this campaign, and other work, we have managed to continuously prove the power of social media in transforming lives.


30 girls have a new home as a result of this campaign.

Additionally, thousands of Ugandans were reached in terms of message sharing and over 1,000 individuals contributed directly to the campaign through donations and participation in build up events.

In the long run, the message is more important and getting citizens to be more socially conscious helps us reach greater heights.


- Risking monotony: Given the fact that most of our campaigns take place online, it is quite difficult to constantly be innovative and reach new audiences or old audiences in a new way.

-There were times during the campaign when morale was quite low because we were not sure we would receive the participation and feedback that we expected.

-Consistency and persistence with messaging.

-Raising funds with the help of young people who have little to no disposable income.


-Consider timing of the message and the target audience keenly.
-Make partnerships constantly to ease the pressure and workload.