Insight 2015

Insight is an educational programme for adults who want to learn more about the world around them and who want to make the world a fairer, more just, sustainable place. It consists of 3 phases: Phase 1 consists of team building exercises, an intro to development, debates and talks from a variety of speakers involved in the field. Phase 2 takes place overseas with a partner organisation, which gives participants the chance to examine development in the context of another country. During this phase participants work within a local community on a project chosen by the local people. Local activists are invited to facilitate workshops that provide a better idea of the reality on the ground for people living in that community. During the 3rd phase participants are encouraged to utilise their learning to become active global citizens within their own community. Participants from the partner organisation are given the opportunity of a reciprocal visit to Ireland to contribute to this phase.


Build a network of influential community stakeholders and adult/community education practitioners that will promote public awareness of global justice issues and engage citizens in Irelands role in tackling these challenges.


This objective was achieved through
-Hosting Educational Workshops for particpants of Insight.
-Conducting a Social Media Campaign to engage the public.
-Producing a Video Documentary to contribute to our DPTV initiative as a resource.
-Hosting an Exhibition Launch to engage policy makers in Insight.
-Holding a series of theatre pieces tackling development issues around the country.


Insight is innovative for several reasons.

Experiential and active learning forms an important part of Development Perspectives work highlighting the value of learning through theory and practice. A variety of different methods are used through the programme to appeal to multiple intelligences.
The partnership approach (Overseas organisation) employed by Insight ensures the involvement of local communities and participants from Tanzania, continued through the reciprocal visit in Phase 3. Insight uses a systems thinking framework allowing participants to view important issues in relation to others rather than in isolation from each other, giving them an understanding of the impact one issue can have on another.


The outcomes of Insight are:
Increased knowledge and awareness of Global Justice Issues amongst Insight participants.

Strengthened the capacity of Insight participants to deliver high quality Development Education initiatives.

A substantial number of Insight participants continued into Development focused Higher Education programmes at Post graduate level or go on to work in the Education, Health or Development Sector.

A number of educational programmes developed in local communities including Youth enterprises programmes and environmental programmes

Research conducted in 2015 into the Insight programme in highlighted three areas of impact however, greater civic engagement, increased political activity and increased levels of confidence.


-Financial Shortfall in Funding.
As with many non-profit organisations funding can be uncertain at times.
-Political Instability
DP recognises that the experience of those spending time in Tanzania could be effected by Political instability at a local or national level.
-Drop out rates
To mitigate against negative drop out rates, DP carefully selects participants who have accurate expectations of the Insight programme. We purposefully select motivated and interested individuals
who will commit to completing the programme.
-Partnership approach
Inherent in using a partnership approach is a risk associated with communication. Clear communication is crucial for any partnership to thrive. DP has a long lasting relationship with Uvikiuta dating back to 2007. Since then we have worked together every year to deliver editions of Insight. To minimise any risk attached to this point we invest in a reciprocal visit of the Directors of both organisations each year.


With every new edition of Insight new "insights" are gained.

In terms of public engagement it was found that interactive methods, such as the documentary and theatre are very effective methods of increasing awareness and interaction with the public.

The method in "Theatre of the Oppressed" proved particularly inclusive and engaging.

Other possible methods of interactive engagement which may be explored in the future include sport activities, art, music etc.