Let's Ring Peace Beat

KAFKA Welfare Organization in collaboration with Umeed Jawan has designed a project to address the escalating issue of terrorism and extremism throughout the country. KAFKA being the new organization had got the chance to play its part as having youth in the management of the organization that could better help in understanding the youth view point.

Throughout this project KAFKA has disseminated peace messages to the marginalized youth of the district Lahore. Since it has been witnessed that people of every class used to have mobile phones and social media access and it have become necessity over the period of time. So to utilize this facility KAFKA plans to initiate a SMS, voice sms and social media campaign comprising peace messages to impart awareness. Through facebook page a platform has been provided for youth to share their views and plan regarding the formation of a peaceful society.

150,000 text messages have been circulated to youngsters in Lahore. 40,000 voice messages.


1) To form a peace and development network through circulating peace messages and social media campaigns

2) To provide a platform for peace activists for the promotion of peace related activities and initiatives

3) To counter and reduce Violent Extremism (VE) through the active involvement of communities in the targeted areas.


Social Media Campaign:
Facebook page was developed by the KAFKA Welfare Organization to run social Media Campaigns. Peace related topics and inspiring posts were posted regularly on social media to engage youth in peace promotion. A competition was announced for youngsters to take part in this campaign and make something out of the box and exciting to promote peace. Prizes and certificates of appreciation will be given to every entry.

Circulation of Text SMS and Voice messages:
The prepared text SMS were sent to 150,000 male youngsters in Lahore between the age limit of 18-35. We delivered these messages through Telenor, Pakistan. As mobile phones are an important part of youngsters life our aim was to change their mindsets by sending them peace related SMS. Also 40,000 Voice messages in the voice of famous celebrities have been circulated in Lahore by IT Pakistan following the criteria of male youngsters between the ages of 18-35.


My name is Zeshan Haider. I am a student of Mass Communication in Superior University. I had done my FSc from Punjab College. I am 21 years old. One day I received a voice message from Kafka Welfare Organization. I was very surprised about the content of the message because this is my first time to receive a message about peace. It's very inspiring for me. I discussed about the message with my friends. They also liked the idea very much. Then we searched about this idea and found the details about Lets ring peace beat. We found it very unique and informative for the sharing of positive message about peace. We youngsters must be aware about how to bring peace in our society.


Youngsters didn’t have this sort of opportunity before this project. More than 350 delegates participated in the symposium including our project beneficiaries. Work of children and competition participants were displayed on the venue which gave them high boosts motivation to work for CVE. Active participation during discussions gave them answers of their many confused questions related to frustration and confusions. They all promised to keep the sustainability of this project by working on our social media campaign. They also showed high motivation to work for our recommendations which we presented to parliamentarians.


1) The biggest challenge throughout this project was time management as there was very short span of time and had to rush to complete the activities.

2) Strong homework to deal with the different organizations.

3) Management of resources during Video messages recordings.

4) Gathering 300 young people on one platform

5) Rigid behavior of telecommunication companies.

6) To come out of your comfort zone and take new challenges

7) While designing the peace messages and discussion topics adopting empathy

8) Be the change first that we want to recommend others


1) Mobile technology and social media are comfortable communication ways to access large number of diverse people at diverse places to convey the message of peace

2) Visuals like video messages are more effective as compare to only discussion topics, people follow celebrity messages

3) Young People are very eager to found any platform for peace.

4) Time frame should be long when there is any deal related with 3rd party.

5) Time management and strong planning is the key of success for project. Backup plan should be ready for every task.

6) Weather forecast and Government meetings should be checked before finalizing of date for any project activity.