Action 2015 Ending extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and stop climate change

30 public rallies with general public to mobilize, inform, aware, educate, motivate a total of 150000 participants. Conducted 4 consultative and follow up meetings with civil society (800 people) to mobilize and engage civil society to fight climate change, poverty and inequality (SDGs).1600 FM Radio messages aired on theme of fight climate change, ending extreme poverty and reducing inequality. 250000 people listened to the massages daily. IEC Materials of action 2015 theme 2000 posters and 2000 brochures developed and disseminated. 31 actions engaged 31 civil society organizations as partners 31 actions related to action theme implemented, aware. Educated, motivate and sensitized 5000 peoples. Celebrated historical international youth day 2015 from 8 august to 14 august in 20 districts of Baluchistan accessed to 12000 participants. Organize a Twee-a-thon or a “Peoples Currency” campaign).YAD published peoples currency


Advocacy, mobilization, motivation and awareness raising on Financing for Development Mobilization to implement the climate and development agreements. To demand governments to give a clear plan for funding a sustainable future and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Post-2015 Summit Mobilization. And to mark the celebration of International Youth Day – 12th August. To engage youth and to mobilize young people through innovations and visibility as well actions for regional and national opportunities for change to increase awareness of action/2015 within four months in Baluchistan Pakistan.


Districts & provincial governments sensitized and planted 80000 trees during a tree plantation campaign, which was organized by the Action 2015 team.

Initiated provincial forest and wild life conservation policy, environment policy government of Baluchistan decided to make strategic plan of stop climate change and conserve our planet in Baluchistan as well as started work upon stop climate change department. District & provincial government increased funds and budget allocated to tackle extreme poverty.

Governments also made pro policies & action plans for equality and equity of diverse peoples of the area.

Provincial Youth Affairs department Baluchistan initiated quick working progress on formulation provincial youth policy Baluchistan in the result youth policy drafted tabled in provincial assembly.

Provincial environment ministers participated COP21 & made commitments at international level. Accessed to 350000 peoples directly & 700000 peoples indirectly via action 2015


The campaign innovation was built by a coalition with 31 civil society organizations directly, which accomplished the events in several geographical areas as well as engagement of 60 civil, society organizations indirectly.

Using ICT and social media sites as powerful tools for mobilization, motivation, advocacy and awareness razing. Uploading activities deliverables in 8 social media sites and international blogs of action 2015. Using action 2015 Google groups. FM radio using for airing massages, IEC material publication & dissemination, letters writings to prime ministers, legislatures, line departments & stakeholders. Using print & electronic media & journalists. Published peoples currency in Action 2015 events banners & slogans


General public engaged, involved, mobilized, educated, motivated, sanitized & informed 50% working & tackling issues ending poverty, reducing inequality & stop climate change. Civil society involved, engaged, mobilized, informed & sensitized, 80% working & focused on stopping climate change, ending poverty & reducing inequality.70% highlighting the climate change, poverty & inequality issues & action 2015 movement & importance in print & social media. Increased demand of Financing for Development, financing for our future & claimed sufficient budgetary allocation, listeners of FM Radio considered Action 2015 theme one of their top priorities.

People motivated & educated on action 2015 theme through read out the published IEC material. Visible Action 2015 theme in the province, focused Youth in the society, initiated quick response on formulation of youth policy, forest policy, environment policy and strategic plan for climate change and save our planet in Baluchistan Pakistan


No challenges accrued and faced, we successfully completed the activities with participation and enthusiasm of our target beneficiaries and stakeholders


The key lesson learnt is civil society, media, ministers, government authorities, writers, intellectuals, political parties, legislatures, elected representatives, notables, local folks, tribal leaders, eminent leaders, youth and public engagement and involvement in the campaign is key indicator of success and accomplishment.

We learned from our campaign inclusion of diverse groups became our strengths. Building coalition is powerful tools for advocacy. Proper utilizing the social, print & electronic media is very important for key accomplishment of campaign. Letters writings to legislatures, authorities & elected representatives is quick result oriented & concrete steps taken tools.

FM radios airing massages is the quick window of awareness raising & mobilization of young generation in very cost effective.

Small & seed amount giving to local small organizations can bring big impact in the area