Webykids youth development project, envisions a world where all youth, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders


WEBYKIDS was established in September 2012. The concept and idea was written and designed to be a part of the solution to protect children and families online. Webykids e-mail was designed to provide safe email for children .

Over 90% of youngsters who go online are either playing unsafe games, watching unsafe videos etc..The primary mission has remained the same; to create e-learning opportunities for all youngsters who have access to the Internet. Math, English, Science, Social studies, French are few of the subjects which could be found on our website www.webykids.com.

Provides teachers and parents with the tools to help students publish writing safely online.


After school Webykids club has been formed various schools and communities.

Educational support and laptop donations have attracted the attention of schools and communities to embrace and support our programmes.

Educational tours, camps and conferences have also been developed to enable us achieved our goals


WEBYKIDS - is an innovative and educational Youth Empowerment club project, dedicated to developing and implementing programs that facilitate positive growth in the lives of the youth, as well as their families and community.

Webykids club is an Eagle Foundation initiative. This club offers students numerous educational opportunities in ICT, Youth developments and tourism. The club has a membership that exceeds 10,000 youngsters. We are partnering and supporting Schools, parents to achieve students success.


Over 20,000 youth have been supported with internet safety materials and education.

We have provided a safe e-mail address for over 10,000 children and youth in Ghana, we have also supported parents and schools with free internet safety software.

Over 200 programmes have been carried out on issues such as youth health,Youth in ICT, Youth in climate change, Youth as leaders among others. All these programmes have help in transforming and empowering children and the youth to become responsible leaders in the future.

Over 20 schools have been supported with laptops, these schools are in various undeserved communities, Websites and management software have been donated to these schools.


Our biggest challenge is funding to support our webTv and newsletter.


This project has provided us the opportunity to learn about policies that need to be put in place to help empower tomorrows leaders. We are partnering with key stakeholders to develop a national child protection law to protect children and the youth when they access the internet.