There is no doubt Child labor is a next form of slavery. There are many reasons for child involvement in various labors sectors.
Due to long experiences in the child rights' sector this has been identified: if the master commits to avoid the use of child labor there is a big possible to eliminate child labor from the country.

In this regard the organization attempts to organize a campaign in restaurants. The organization starts to identify those restaurant owners who are not using child labor at their restaurants. Prepare the hoarding board ' WE FEEL PROUD HERE IS NOT ANY TYPE OF CHILD LABOR' for display on restaurant premises
Organize a workshop and invite to those restaurant owner who are not using child labor. During the workshop distribute the hoarding board and appreciate letter on behalf of not using the chil labor future too. The restaurant owners will display the hoarding board at their restaurant premises.


The major objectives of the campaign are as follows.
1. To eliminate child labor from the country through mobilize and sensitize the masters of various workplaces such as house, factory, restaurants, transports and other worst forms of labor sectors.
2. To support for implementation child labor related national and international laws, international conventions and treaties.
3. To stop child trafficking for using the child labor at various worst forms.
4. To stop unhealthy migration of family with their children in urban areas.


Following activities to be conducted to achieve the objectives
1. Research conduct for identify the restaurant owner who avoided to use child labor at their work place
2. Design the message for hoarding board sharing with members of executive committee and finalized it: ‘HERE IS NOT ANY TYPE OF CHILD LABOR’ .
3. Prepare 100 piece hoarding board with message.
4. Design appreciation letter and sharing with members of executive committee and finalized.
5. Printout appreciation letter.
6. Organize workshop and seminar invite to those owners who avoided the uses of child labor at their workplace.
7. Distribute the hoarding board and appreciation letter to invited restaurant owner during the workshop.
8. One hundred hoarding board to be displayed at one hundred restaurants.
9. Customers express positive response about hoarding board at all restaurants.
10. Encourage the replicate the program other districts of country by labor ministry and women, children and social welfare ministry.


It is proved that child labor is a next forms of slavery. There is big challenge to elimination child labor from the country especially in least developed and developing countries. The various factors are playing to increase child labor in country. It is identified that if the masters agree to avoid using child labor at their work place it will become a great achievement to reduce the child involvement at various worst forms of labor sectors.

Regarding the realization -it began by identifying the masters who are not using child labor their work place especially in restaurants. Motivate and sensitize them to disadvantage of using the child labor. After their meaningful commitment provide hoarding board for display with appreciation letters


After the implementation of this type innovative program at local level, Local Government initiated to support this program. They gave to notice all restaurant owners if any restaurant involve to use child labor they will be punished according to national laws. After three months the date of notice issue the local government initiated monitor in restaurant around their jurisdiction. More than 95 percent restaurant owner had managed or rehabilitated to child labor to their family. Seven restaurants owners found using the child labor inhuman way so case filed on behalf of child labor against seven restaurants owners at labor courts for reasonable compensation. The owners pay one hundred thousand compensation to each child labor and rehabilitated to their family. Now the area is ready to declare child labor free cluster (ward).

Now the government trying to bring strong child labor law through amendment existing child labor law.


In Nepal child labor is increasing day by day due to various reasons. Family migration flow in urban sector is too high. Parents themselves send their children for work In brick factory, restaurants and other worst form of labor. Most people accept the child labor do to the low wage or free work. Masters already knows children cannot raise their voice for their protection.

So the organization faces biggest challenge to motivate the masters, obstacle create by some restaurant owner during the research and program implementation. In the meantime recently the new federal constitution is introduced in country. There are many articles about child right issues. Due to the internal conflict among political parties are disturbing to advocacy of constitutions provisions of child right issue at nationwide.

We felt the present crucial period is the biggest challenge to future for address properly on child labor issues.


The approach is totally new and innovative. We distributed hoarding board for 100 restaurants last year. During the follow up we got good response from restaurant owners and they seems happy and felt they do good job in their life. According to them more 90 percent customers ask about the message. The customers told the restaurant owner they like that message.

We found some staff of labor ministry and women children and social welfare ministry visit the some restaurant and asked about the program. they give the organization address.

The ministry contact us and encourage to promote replicate other districts of Nepal.