No to sexual harassment

A volunteer youth campaign as a result of experiences of the organizational staff and volunteers, with the presence of members of the group, seeing the existence of the phenomenon clearly and having the enthusiasm to change what women face in society.

We have the willingness to reache southern Egyptian society that believes in the rights of women and their presence safely in the streets. It was a series of training, field work and interactive theater to reach different groups of society and then media pressure on local channels and through the expression of art "Graffiti" and ending with electronic campaigns to reach different age groups.


1. Highlight the Sexual Harassment phenomenon in South of Egypt society who ignore it and in denial of its existence.
2. Encourage women and young girls to Confront what they face as a result of sexual harassment.
3. Raise awareness of the society on impacts of sexual harassment to the society


1. Training a group of young volunteers on the gender perspective and conducting workshops on how to combat the phenomenon of sexual harassment in Aswan community (southern Egypt)
2. Interactive theater to combat sexual harassment
3. Graffiti (anti-harassment) to combat the phenomenon in the main streets of Aswan.
4. Distribution of anti-harassment publications in various areas of Aswan.
5. Electronic campaign against the phenomenon of sexual harassment in public transportation.


1. Young women of the campaign volunteers use Graffiti for the first time in the southern society.
2. Interactive theater coordinated for the first time in Aswan.


- Increase the number of women interested, and their recognition of the phenomenon of sexual harassment, and their quest to sign the initiative.
- The emergence of civil society organizations in Aswan to combat the phenomenon of sexual harassment.
- The awakening of the community and especially mothers of the existence of sexual harassment against children.
- The acquisition of some of the girls and the means and the power to defend their right to address this phenomenon.
- Attract the attention of local media and invite them to a group to talk about the phenomenon of harassment.


- Social challenges
Customs and traditions in the southern community and society and the denial of the Aswan society of the phenomenon which resulted sometimes in postponing distribution of publications in the streets.
- Our inability to implement interactive theater in the street and performing instead at the headquarters of a civil society organization.
- Security challenge:
the difficult security conditions inside this particular country -
the refusal of the Southern Society especially Aswan to the idea of young women drawing graffiti in the street that resulted in the choice young women volunteering in this campaign made to go out early in the morning on a day off.


1. Introducing the initiative through interacting in the streets.
2. Increase in the experience of initiative founders with feminist awareness and solidarity with other women.
3. Create a feminist movement in Upper Egyptian Governorates and safe spaces for women to discuss their matters.
4. Recruit skills of young women in Graffiti and Theater to defend their rights.
5. The emergence of young men supporting women's issues in the southern society
6. The existence of a societal and media rejection to sexual harassment