"Anuario Niños Invisibles de Santa Martha Acatitla" (Mexico City's Women Prison)

Show the reality of what the children who are born and raised in prison with there mothers go through. We wanted to give the minors that have been living their whole lives in jail, through a book, the opportunity to express themselves.

By understanding and seeing what the children explained we published a book named "Anuario Niños Invisibles de Santa Martha Acatitla" (Mexico City's Women Prison) that portrays the difficult situations that these children go through on a day by day basis.

The book had a social impact with the local and federal congress man and women and we were able to pass a law that includes these children as a vulnerable group in the General Law for Children and Teenagers. We also had a big impact on what was one of mail objectives as to show society the problem and reality that we have inside our women's prison.


1. Change the law so that it includes children born and raised in prison as a vulnerable group inside Mexico´s General Law of Children and Teenagers.
2. Show society the importance of helping these children in their development and the impact it has on our society.
3. Implement special programs for these children.
4. Force local authorities to respect basic human rights for the children that they have in their prison.


By publishing the book we presented it in our local Children's Museum in front of news agencies, media, and society. We were broadcast in more than 300 news stations and media.

By having this impact socially our congress man and women took a special interest in passing the law that we had proposed, to be able to fight for these children´s rights.


Mexico´s children that are born and raised in prison are a population that we have named "The Invisible Children" because people don't know of their existence and our law does not include these kids anywhere. They live off donations and are in the hands of society and the local authorities for their rights and basic needs to be met.

This book is one of the first books to be published on these children doue to the lack of interest/knowledge of society and authorities towards this population.


1. More than 300 media coverage.
2. Social movement for this population.
3. Passed a law that includes these children as a vulnerable group in Mexico's General Law for Children and Teenagers.
4. Saskia Nino de Rivera was recognized as one of the six "Next Generation Leaders" by Time Magazine.
5. Raised funds to do an investigation on children living in prisons all over Mexico.


1. Dealing with authorities and corruption inside Mexico's prison system.
2. Taking the pictures and working with the mothers and children to get them to be on board with the project.
3. Working with congress man and women to make them understand the importance of looking after this population.


1. We are just at the beginning of what has to be done - much more is needed for the well being of this population.
2. Balancing and negotiation with different authorities and women in prison to understand the importance of this project is HARD and very emotionally consuming.
3. Team work and patience is the key to success.
4. No doubt about it: fighting for children´s rights and well being is the future of our country.




Mexico City