Florence Masetla Foundation and CLIMB against sexual abuse

The Florence Masetla Foundation aims to impact young minds through education, mentoring and sponsorship and the CLIMB against sexual abuse campaign is dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual violence and creating awareness in the society by sharing survivor stories digitally through articles and short videos.

We aim to provide a platform for survivors around the world to break the silence on sexual violence, undo the stigma, shift the societal mindset and create a powerful movement of global change.

CLIMB represents the journey that the victims take to become survivors and the journey we, as a society, need to make to overcome the social repercussions that exist today.

CLIMB also represents the physical journey that we take together to the mountains around the world and eventually to Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp.
The Foundation hosted a climb to the Drakensburg-Maluti mountains, which was widely covered by major media houses in South Africa such as eNCA and international.


The Florence Masetla Foundation was started in 2013 initially focusing on research and championing the use of technology in education to help eradicate poverty through access to quality education and information for decision making and active citizenship.

The ultimate plan is to convert a Kombi into a mini mobile ICT centre to: a) help previously disadvantaged schools to convert into e-schools,
b) go to rural schools and communities to teach ICT skills plus entrepreneurial, financial and life skills courses using technology.

The focus has expanded to include youth educational programs on career guidance, abuse, HIV/AIDS etc and a Financial Literacy Awareness Day in Oct 2014 for about 33 people from previously disadvantaged background.


With a zero budget, through the use of technology, tapping into the social network and partnership with various like minded individuals and organisations.
CLIMB is currently operating on a zero budget until the Chapter registrations in South Africa are finalised then we can start fundraising and onboarding any sponsors. Therefore so far I have been covering the major cost of running the Chapter including paying for the cost for the Drakensberg-Maluti climb in Aug 2015, trip to the African Union's first Summit in ending childmarriage in Nov 2015, One Young World Summit in Bangkok 2015 (co-sponsored by Barclays) etc. Here is some of the media coverage:
One Young World podcast https://soundcloud.com/oyw_ambassador_podcast/ep10-welcome-to-bangkok-ft-grainne-ni-hodhrain-indy-singh-florence-tshepiso-masetla

She was a guest speaker at a church in March 2015 for a youth boot camp of 50 youth.


Using technology in enhancing teaching and learning as well as advocacy for human rights more especially in the fight against sexual violence. The use of story telling and the use of mountain climbing as a metaphor for the journey survivors of sexual violence go through and the journey as society we need to take to eradicate the stigma around this type of violence.

- Masetla has been a guest speaker and conducted a job interview workshop at Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, conducted with about 49 job seekers in Oct 2015: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153374107999055.1073741885.727694054&type=1&l=5be2ae7de8

Masetle also lead a mentorship programme in 2015, which is ongoing.


A) Florence Masetla Foundation impacted about 20 people through its mentorship program since the launch last year and over 100 people through various educational programs since 2014 Oct.
B)CLIMB was started by two One Young World ambassadors after attending the summit last year. CLIMB is currently present in 12 different countries. Within 7 months of starting CLIMB, we have 32 members actively working in 12 different countries across 4 continents. We have had 5 international events and impacted 640 lives. We have worked with more than 10 survivors to positively influence and empower them in their healing journey. We have gained 4.8k followers on Facebook and 13k+ views on our website. We have completed the Drakensberg climb in South Africa clearly demonstrating the changes speaking up can make in a community.

Mentorship Programme: since the launch in March 2015, the first intake of 20 youth from a local college have benefited through being linked to mentors that suit their interests


Social stigma associated with sexual violence-getting survivor to break the silence can be a big challenge. Socio-political and economics around sexual violence also poses a challenge as at times we find that the victim/s depends on the perpetrator/s hence there is a constant need to collaborate with other organisations and/or individuals to find a holistic approach to this problem. Funding and securing other resources eg legal advice, psychological expertise, sponsorship etc.
Meanwhile, the mentorship programme continues.
Masetle organised a meet your mentor day in March and pre-event mentee training. A follow up mentorship event is planned for March 2016 linked to educational programs called Ready to Work (which is a Barclays funded program) aimed at assisting the mentees to either prepare to find work and/or start their own business.


Sexual violence is a complex issue demanding a multidisciplinary approach to solve it. Therefore, partnerships are key in fighting this social ill and great ones takes a lot of work and time. At times we need not only to break the silence but to also break the cycle of abuse by empowering the survivor with certain tools eg education, justice etc in order to break away from the perpetrator they perhaps are dependent on. Ain't no mountain to high enough - despite all the challenges faced we are determined to fight sexual violence and to create a movement of change in our society.


South Africa