Building Bridges of Hope For Ebola Orphans in Liberia

Arthur R.M. Becker has devoted several years of his life to promoting youth and child development, drawing back to his life as a refugee at the tender age of 16. He played a major role between July 2014 - October 2015 to heighten the advocacy, campaign, and appeals aimed at attracting support for many children left behind as orphans as a result of the scourge of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease that overtook his country (Liberia) and other countries in West Africa.

His advocacy and wide social media campaign helped draw donor attention to help provide nutritional aid, psycho-social support, and educational support. This included training care providers on how to take care of these children, through a grant support from , philanthropists and the Turkish Red Crescent. Over 700 of these orphans and vulnerable children left behind from Ebola are now with care givers receiving care and support. We have continued to advocate against stigmatising these kids.


The objectives of this campaign is to restore hope to the over 2,500 children left behind as orphans as a result of parents who died from Ebola in Liberia between July 2014 - May 2015.

This campaign seeks to end stigmatisation against these children, and provide nutritional and educational support, as well as a provide these children with secured environment to live with care providers who have been given requisite training and support to care for these children. If pro-active steps aren't taken to help alleviate the challenges faced, there is a potential risk that many of these children who are future leaders would have a bleak future. Therefore, we are committed to build bridges of hope for these kids.


Today 700 Ebola orphans are being supported in highly affected counties such as Montserrado County, Margibi County, Grand Cape Mount County, and Bong County. We have trained about 100 care providers in basic skills such as nutrition, psycho-social support, ending stigma and discrimination, and healthy life styles for Ebola orphans and vulnerable children.

We have tracked and mapped out all supported Ebola orphans and their care providers across counties. Support has been received from individuals at home and abroad, philanthropists, the Liberia National Red Cross Society, the Turkish Red Crescent, Other individual, and Institutions have pledged their support to continue to provide assistance to these orphans including other orphans in similar conditions across other counties in Liberia.


The I Too Can Help Liberia Campaign was born out of the advocacy drive - Building Bridges of Hope for Ebola Orphans in Liberia, which attempts to continue its messaging, advocacy, and campaigning that a person singularly can help Liberia in any little way possible, most especially with the Post-Ebola recovery challenge, which includes providing hope and support for many children left behind as orphans to Ebola.


The status of 700 Ebola Orphans has been raised through the campaign, we an anticipated 1000 more to be impacted between January- March 2016. Care providers of these Ebola orphans have been tracked and registered, and requisite training provided them to ensure proper care and support for these children. Individual, philanthropic, government and Institutional attention has been drawn to the need in supporting children who are orphans due to Ebola in Liberia.


Logistical and financial support. Traveling in hard reach areas due to the rainy season and bad roads, as well as health risk, while venturing into Ebola affected communities are amongst some of the biggest challenges outlined.


The lessons learnt from Arthur Becker's advocacy through Building Bridges of Hope for Ebola Orphans in Liberia, is that there are enormous challenges that beset Liberia as a result of deadly Ebola Virus disease that hit the country between 2014-2015, especially on one of the vulnerable population- children between the ages of 0-17 years, and as such urgent steps must be taken to help provide needed support to these children, to avoid them having a bleak future.

ArthurBecker has learnt that even in the midst of financial or logistical constraints, or challenges that beset one, making change comes through in positively affecting the lives of vulnerable people, such as the children who are orphans as a result of Ebola.

One must remain selfless and dedicated, honest and sincere, passionate, and have a willing spirit to volunteer for humanity. When these virtues are upheld, like Arthur Becker anyone can have attention and action initiated from their advocacy.




Caldwell, Bushrod Island, Monrovia