Election Observer Mission and Youth Development

Primarily, the campaign was to train the youth about how to observe the elections. This includes capacity building and educating them about democratic principles so they can become active citizens within the state. We hold workshops across the country by educating the youth about governance structures and provide them with skills to be accredited election observers so that they can go out and observe elections in other countries outside of South Africa.

To educate people about an Africa governed according to the wishes of the majority of the electorate based on the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights; accountable, transparent and responsible governments elected according to a democratic system that is free, fair, and follows internationally-accepted election practices.

Also part of the programme was to promote electoral democracy, democratic governance, public accountability and responsible government especially through research.


The objective of the campaign was to train as many youth on elections and to increase the credibility of democratic principles across the world.


The ojectives were achieved through capacity building workshops and training held at the University of South Africa. Here the majority of volunteer youth were trained under the WIPHOLD Brigalia Bam Chair in Electoral Democracy in Africa as election observers. The training took place for four months, where youth knowledge and skill was monitored according to their attendance at the workshops and they were given manuals that they could use.


Materials, including clothing were given to the observers in order for them to stand out and be visible. Manuals were also provided to the observers.


It has produced a major impact on the community as a book was published that documents the proceedings of the elections and data collected from the observers during the South African 2014 elections. The book is titled: South Africa twenty years into democracy:The march to the 2014 elections. Lefatshe Moagi's research was used in this book.


Funding in order to sustain the training of the youth.
Accessibility of young people who cannot afford to travel to the city where the training took place.


How to become election observers needs focus and a time schedule.