Mission Jagriti to Respect S.H.E.

Child Abuse, Child Marriage, Female Feticide, Increasing Crime Rate, Child Trafficking, and Domestic Violence are not hidden words. In last 2 years in Rajasthan the Crime Rate has increased. Safety of Girls & women has never been worse , with a recent report by the National Crime Record Bureau revealing that the state features 2nd in crimes against women. A city once known for the safety and security it extended to women now has the dubious distinction of being the 3rd most unsafe city for them. The 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape was one such example. After thorough research on the ground, from schools to communities, to slums to the streets, the analysis report strongly recommended having a strong awareness program to educate the community for saving girls, and educating Girls, Adolescent Girls & Women on safety.

Hence Mission Jagriti was initiatied to create awareness among Girls & Women, which was later connected to the Respect S.H.E. Campaign, educating Men to Build a Safer City.


• Sensitize the World around us through an Awareness Program on Topics like Save the Girl Child, Stop Female Feticide, and Send her back to School, through Road Shows, Nukkad Nattaks (street plays), Social Media Campaigns, Workshops etc.
• Back to School Program Identifies Girls who have dropped out of school and sends them Back to Schools
• Creating enabling environment for Free Discussion to break down the barriers & make people understand the issues & Get the Resolutions
• Free Workshops & Seminars for Adolescent Girls & Women
• Guiding them on any unwelcomed Physical activities,
• Life Skill Training & Development for Girls & Women
• Free One to One Counselling - issue reported for resolution.


Bharti SIngh Chauhan started a Organization name Praveen Lata Sansthan in April 2013, investing all her savings and later on took support by connecting through Social Media, using Facebook & Twitter. She also linked the Mission Jagriti with Corporates, Clubs, and NGOs, and joined hands with National & International Campaigns like Orange Your World, Asian Girl Campaign, Beyond 2015, and Breaking the Silence Campaign.

She used Print and Electronic Medial to raise awareness through Publishing News in Esteemed Newspapers and websites and Raised funds through fundraising activities, such as a Marathon and Corporate Activities, to cover the expenses.


A Unique Innovation was accessing people in Rajasthan, which is one of the most challenging Places due to the following of traditions and Cultures. A unique Method was adopted where Workshops were organized, with the support of Schools/Communities to deliver the Personal safety Module. After 2 years it came to Bharti SIngh Chauhan's attention that adolescent Boys and Men needed to be addressed, so they would understand the value of relationships, to promote Gender Equality, Hence Mission Jagriti became connected to Respect S.H.E Campaign, which was highly appreciated among the community.


a. +9500 Adolescent Girls are educated on Personal Safety through workshops
b. 155 Girls who had dropped education because of Old Myths & Trends of Girls Not to be sent to school were sent back to School
c. Sensitized more than 65000 People across the community through Interactive Roadshows and Nukkad Nataak, Performances by 11 Pragati Sakhi’s (Girl beneficiaries ), who are the ambassadors & are passing a strong message on to the community to Save Girls & Educate Girls
d. Trained +1500 Girls in Self Defense
e. Campaign Respect SHE trained more than 2500 Men to Join and Pledge to Respect Women
f. +250 Girls imparted with Life Skill Development training
g. Orange Your World Campaign/ Asian Girl Campaign Mission Jagriti/ Jaipur Marathon. Joining hands with National & International Campaigns was highly appreciated by Print & Electronic media and was appreciated in South Asia through receiving an eNGO Challenge South Asia Award.


1. Connecting to community as we were challenging the Traditions and cultures followed from thousand of years back
2. Lack of Resources (Projector/ Speaker/ Space/ Manpower)
3. Lack of Funds
4. Technology Support - Due to lack of Funds we were not able to connect our activities to Technology in some ways, such as Building a Safety App or Online Resolution system.


We are connecting daily to a group of audiences and are learning various practical ways to reach them.

We are dealing with challenging aspects and improving our course Module.

Earlier, we used to conduct Verbal sessions, later we started giving examples, now we use videos to showcase the truth of the society and educate people on their legal rights and personal safety. S

We still have a long way to go but are looking to learn further to to be a part of change. Our Vision is: " A Small Step Makes a Big Difference" Hence we have taken our step.