Vuka Africa / Africa First Ladies Awards AFLA

Vuka Afrika is a non profit organization that is committed to the upliftment and unity of people of the African continent, VAF is based in Durban SA and aims to provide assistance and working with traditional authority including both the monarchy and presidency in Africa to help our communities to learn about the ancestors and history, in terms of its impact in the past, present and future. Vuka Afrika aims to serve as a cultural activism platform where we will promote, revisit, revise and engage our traditional leaders and their followers, as well as the government on fundamental issues relating to the development of humanity,allowing people to share skills and knowledge that will help bring peace and stability in Africa, which will play a role in the recreation and reconstruction of our heritage.


The objective of the Africa First Ladies Awards (AFLA) is to change perspectives of the role of First Ladies, and see them play a more active role for new victories in the struggle to achieve Emancipation, Empowerment, Equality and Eradication of Poverty.


This objective will be achieved by engaging both our leaders and communities in all aspects to achieve Emancipation, Empowerment, Equality and Eradication of Poverty.


As civil society our innovation is to campaign against Violence against women, girls and children - one of the most pervasive and barbaric violations of human rights. It is shameful that a society that prides itself on being progressive and modern in many respects is also one characterized by appalling atrocities meted against their own flesh and blood. At the same time, civil society organizations should be at the forefront of educating women, girls, and children about their rights. These capacity building initiatives must include boys and men to ensure that cultural norms that perpetuate and engender discrimination are addressed. Awareness raising campaigns and institutional and legal reforms by governments around the world are needed.


Importantly, it is imperative that civil society organisations ensure that accurate, reliable and meaningful data on violence against women, girls and children is collected. This data must be collected timeously and promptly. There is an urgent need for civil society organizations to enhance their own data collection, analysis, dissemination and utilization of synthesized data to inform decision making. This approach to the fight against violence against women, girls and children builds a crucial knowledge base that supports multi-sectoral interventions.


Linked to the above point, partnerships with other local, national and international agencies are crucial in building a critical mass of knowledge to interpret trends across global regions. Then global strategies would be informed by experiences and actions across the world.

Last but not least, civil society is obligated to ensure that the economic emancipation of women is highly prioritized by governments worldwide, especially in developing countries, where women are still undervalued and remain largely unrecognized.


It is imperative that women are supported to enjoy equal access to opportunities and resources, as well as to opportunities for societal leadership and participation. A just and equal society will only be possible if the structural conditions that stifle efforts to advance women are addressed.