Gracias a la Vida

"Gracias a la Vida " is a non-profit project designed to contribute to the development and growth of the person through the promotion of integral health, leadership for action and personal empowerment.
The why of the "Thank you"? Because we are convinced that gratitude (be thankful) makes us better people and that every day (counting your minutes and seconds) are an opportunity to be grateful to our country, our family, our friends and ourselves.


1) To promote the development and quality of life of people through healthy lifestyles.
2) Provide tools for personal development, achievement of objectives and scope of goals.
3) To promote initiatives for the development of society (volunteerism, leadership, solidarity
projects, etc.).


1) Vision to achieve success in each of our activities.
2) Passion that is reflected in our results.
3) Constant learning ability in a society in constant change and movement.
4) Creativity and innovation to create new projects that can positively impact our
5) Teamwork, because none of us can do things alone. Always we need others.


We can say that the innovation project "Gracias a la Vida" was made possible by the
combination of the following elements:
1) Multidisciplinary teams.
2) Troubleshooting effectively.
3) Use and development of technology
4) Promote a social impact.
5) an environmentally sustainable project.


Thanks to life has been a successful project because it was considered among the 30
projects more innovation and creativity in Latin America for the Pan American Health and
Education Foundation (PAHEF), MTV Latin America and Ashoka. The goal of this
recognition was to make visible the new social entrepreneurs in Latin America and provide a
series of opportunities that enable them to strengthen their projects.


1) Obtain financing
2) Operating in a fuzzy legal framework
3) Form a strong team
4) Learning to delegate


1) Everybody wins: the personal interests do not matter. From now on you you should
see the world from different perspectives affected, both in daily life and in your
business decisions. Empathy is an essential feature for a social entrepreneur.
2) Be clear on your mission and values: every time we act in a manner consistent with
our values these become clearer to us and attract likeminded
3) Surround yourself with passionate entrepreneurs and leaders: do not hire employees,
hire entrepreneurs. It's amazing what a group of people who believe in and work with
the same passion for something can cause.
4) Think big but stay humble: aim for the highest goals is crucial to bring about changes
in the world, but you always find that the world is much larger and more complex than
we can understand.




Valencia (Pervuvian citizen)